As a blockchain industry player, many people should know about Biyong. This is a platform for all blockchain lovers to exchange and learn from each other. Technically, it communicates with the international currency circle social software telegram. Its functions are rich and colorful, including chat, recommendation, red packets, wallets, etc. and its influence is called “wechat” in the blockchain industry. Therefore, the industry sensitivity of currency and the accuracy of partner selection can be said to be extremely authoritative.

Recently, ciyong signed a contract with the public chain of Barkis network, which has been attracting much attention, and reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly establish an ecosystem based on BKS in the fields of marketing, marketing and technology. BKS will make use of its own technical advantages, while the currency industry will make use of its leading advantages in the Chinese market for common development and progress.

Barkis network is a distributed business application value network based on blockchain technology. It will more solve the problems of real business and virtual economy, and establish a basic technology network for application scenarios.

The iteration of the public chain affects the core of blockchain development. To become an excellent public chain, the key is to take the lead in technology and solve some pain points. The reason why Barkis network is so valued is that it adopts the new POs consensus mechanism of BFT and makes full use of the increasingly perfect cross chain technology to solve the bottleneck problem of speed and scalability. At the same time, Barkis network will also integrate AI technology to make the whole network more intelligent and build a solid technical foundation platform for future business innovation.

In addition to the technical level, practicality is also a major barrier to inspect the prospect of the public chain. From this perspective, whoever finally solves the possibility of application landing may become the king of the public chain. Barkis network plays the card of distributed commerce, which will more meet the changing business environment and adopt a more open and expanding technical framework in technology.

In the fast-growing blockchain industry, there are a few leading players. Learning from each other, mutual benefit and win-win results, and working together is a very good development idea. It is believed that the cooperation between Barkis network and currency users will have great development prospects in the future.

Finally, in the next few weeks, BKS will carry out the activity of “welcoming the red envelope rain in March” in the currency group. At that time, many friends are welcome to take part in it.

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