With the arrival of 5g era, the Internet of things has begun to sweep the global application field and become the next wind outlet. However, the future application of the Internet of things needs lower and lower power consumption, more and more personalized peripheral functions, and the traditional MCU short board is gradually highlighted.

As a world-famous semiconductor enterprise, Xintang technology has been committed to the research and development of MCU since its establishment in 2008, with more than 700 IP R & D energy. Its products are in the leading position in smart home, cloud security related applications, industrial electronics, consumer electronics and computer markets. At present, it is in Israel, India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan outside China In order to strengthen regional customer support services and global operations research management. Xintang announced that it has completed the acquisition of Panasonic semiconductor related businesses.

New Tang innovative products conference held successfully!

In Shenzhen Kempinski Hotel, Xintang technology and Chuangyi stack opened an innovative product conference with the theme of Xintang MCU / MPU helping the development of new infrastructure. Xintang joined hands with the major agents, with a strong lineup and 300 + spectators on the scene. The conference was successfully held!

The meeting started with the speech of Wang Zhicheng, deputy general manager of Xintang technology global sales center. Mr. Wang first reviewed the past achievements of Xintang in terms of revenue, R & D, patents and supply chain partners. Then the future development direction of Xintang and the future trend of MCU are described in detail. Later, senior engineer Yang wubin, technical department manager Liu Yaming and Qi Jianying gave a detailed explanation of the latest products of Xintang and the future application space of the products.

In this innovative product launch, Xintang technology has brought complete product line solutions, including high-capacity, touch and LCD display, low-power 5V, human-machine interface and other products. The latest product development is mainly introduced from five fields: Vehicle MCU, industrial control MCU, safety MCU, low-power MCU and numicro ecosystem.

Introduction of the latest MCU products of Xintang Technology

In the automotive MCU market, robustness and reliability are the characteristics of automotive MCU. Xintang technology has launched nuc131u series, which has passed the second level certification of vehicle specification aec-q100.

In addition, CANBUS is often used as the communication interface in vehicle applications to ensure that the vehicle communication content can transmit information accurately without interference from environmental noise. Xintang technology also proposes a series of solutions for automotive applications, including several MCU based on Cortex-M0 to cortex-m4, whose working frequency ranges from 48 to 192hz, built-in 32 to 512k flash memory, and provides up to three can interfaces.

In the industrial control MCU, xintangtong has become an indispensable partner of industrial control customers with high quality MCU and high supply stability. Its products have four advantages: first, ten-year supply advantage, to ensure the continuity and stability of supply for up to ten years. Second, high quality and supply stability. Numicro products are produced by a first-class manufacturer, not a single packaging and testing partner, to ensure supply stability. Third, it is superior to the industrial grade operating temperature. All new MCU products can operate from – 40 ℃ to 105 ℃, and MCU processors can cover – 40 ℃ to 85 ℃, which is suitable for industrial applications. The fourth point is to provide the example code to support iec60730b safety standard.

In the field of security MCU, Xintang is committed to enhancing the security of MCU. Numicrom2351 series is the world’s first MCU based on cortex-m23 kernel and certified by armpsalevel and level functional API, demonstrating the reliability of Xintang technology in the design of security products for Internet of things.

Xintang has developed a series of hardware and software hybrid technologies to comprehensively enhance the security of MCU from the aspects of execution security, storage security and connection security, so as to achieve the security goal of numicro products. Its target applications include: smart home, smart city, intelligent transportation, intelligent agriculture, environmental security, mobile POS, Internet of things terminal devices.

In the field of low-power MCU, power consumption is an important reference factor for MCU selection, especially in the battery powered Internet of things devices, the performance of MCU power consumption is very important. In addition to the power consumption of different power modes, wake-up time is also an important evaluation factor, especially for applications that need to switch power modes.

Xintang is committed to providing suitable low-power MCU solutions for various application scenarios, and the low-power products have their own advantages; ml51 series has a unique low-power operation mode, with a low-quality power supply of 15 μ a; the current of nano100 Series in power down mode can be as low as 1 μ a, and that of m480 series in deep power down mode is less than 1 μ a; The wake-up time of m251 series from the start of wake-up power down mode is only 10 μ s. In addition, the M261 and m2351 series provide additional DC-DC mode, which can reduce the power consumption in LDO mode by half.

Xintang provides a comprehensive Internet of things platform, provides a development platform supporting multiple operating systems, and provides a variety of networking methods to connect to cloud services. Among the development platforms provided by Xintang, numaker-iot-m487, numaker-pfm-m2351 and numaker-iot-m263a are very suitable as node devices. In addition, numaker-nuc980-iiot and numaker-iot-m487 are also suitable for gateway.

Xintang technology connects all aspects of the Internet of things platform to promote the innovation of the Internet of things. Numicro IOT platform supports a variety of operating systems on the selected numaker platform, including Alios thingsrtos and Linux, arm, mbedos, Amazon FreeRTOS. In addition, MCU has embedded encryption accelerator to improve communication performance and enhance connection security. Numaker platform connects to various clouds through various connection options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE and Nb IOT, such as alicloud and Amazon WebService (AWS), armpelion and Microsoft azure.

The organizer of the conference — Xintang

The purpose of Xintang technology is to bring innovative solutions to the semiconductor industry. The company was founded in 2008. In July of the same year, it was transferred to Huabang electronic logic IC business unit and officially started operation. In 2010, it was officially listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Xintang technology focuses on the development of IC products for micro control / micro processing, smart home and cloud security related applications, with leading positions in industrial electronics, consumer electronics and computer markets; In addition, Xintang technology has a fab that can provide customized analog and power management products. Besides producing its own IC products, Xintang technology also provides some capacity as wafer foundry services. With flexible technology, advanced design ability and digital analog integration technology, Xintang technology provides customers with high cost-effective products. Xintang technology attaches great importance to the long-term relationship with customers and partners, and is committed to continuous innovation of products, processes and services. New Tang technology has established a stronghold in Chinese mainland, Israel, India, Singapore, Korea, Japan and the United States to strengthen regional customer support services and global operations management.

The organizer of this conference — Chuang Yi Inn

Chuangyi stack, developed and operated by Shenzhen Jidu chuangxiang Technology Co., Ltd., was launched in 2017. It is the first cloud FAE online technology service platform in the semiconductor industry and a bridge between the original factory and the end customer R & D engineers. The founding teams are all from the core executives of global well-known semiconductor manufacturers and agents. The platform collects 3000 + cloud FAE, provides zero threshold real-time online technical support for electronic engineers, and transmits the latest market information and technical solutions through live broadcast.

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