Arm development studio is the most comprehensive end-to-end embedded C / C + + development solution on the market. It is designed for arm based SoC, from microcontrollers to custom multi-core processors. Designed with ARM processor IP, accelerate the system design and software development of Cortex-M, cortex-r and cortex-a processors, and help you build powerful and efficient products.

Shenzhen mire Technology Co., Ltd. is the official authorized agent of arm company for all tool products. It provides the sales service of arm company’s original genuine development tools (including ads), as well as the marketing promotion, product update, technical support and after-sales service of arm tool products. The historical versions of arm ads include ADT, ads, RVDS and ds-5.

Introduction of the latest arm development studio development tools and the differences between different versions

Powerful arm development studio

1. Diversity

There are two types of IDE, the first is keil uVision for microprocessor, and the other is eclipse based IDE, which is suitable for multi-core processor development.

2. Efficiency

Farewell to the printf debugging mode, use the non-invasive debugger supporting arm coresight trace and streamline system analyzer, which can improve the efficiency and save time in locating bugs and optimizing system efficiency.

3. Performance

The C / C + + bare machine code generation is highly optimized, including the industry-leading technology for arm Nino and SVE automatic vectorization. Maximize the performance of applications such as DSP, machine learning and image recognition.

4. Expansibility

From the early SoC design stage to on-chip software testing, the small Cortex-M0 system to the server level Neover se platform, from the initial project to the enterprise level project. The IDE can be extended according to your project.

Components of ARM development studio

Arm development studio solves the complex challenges from system design to software development. It consists of the following packages, a set of integrated compiler tool components, debugger, performance analyzer, graphic development tools and virtual platform. All of these have two integrated development environments (ides) that best suit your development needs:

  • Development studio based on eclipse IDE and μ vision ide from keil MDK make developers more efficient in development and project management
  • Arm C / C + + compiler ARM compiler 6
  • Arm debugger and keil debugger
  • Streamline performance analyzer
  • Graphic development tools
  • Virtual platform of armv7 and armv8

uVision IDEDevelopment Studio IDE

The core of Keil MDK, uVision IDE, provides a fast and convenient development experience for bare metal development of Cortex-M microprocessor and similar devices and projects based on RTOS operating system development. After years of polishing, the IDE is easy to operate from project creation to device programming. It uses windowsSystem. Arm’s customized eclipse based IDE is very suitable for managing multi-core projects, allowing you to open with thousands ofEasy integration of source and commercial eclipse plug-ins. It is suitable for Linux and windows 64 bit system.

1、 Industry leading arm C / C + + compiler

This is a C / C + + compiler tool for optimizing arm based devices. It improves execution efficiency and creates code with smaller capacity. With its excellent performance, ARM compiler can develop efficient products, using all the functions of arm cortex processor and architecture, from armv6-m to armv8-a 64 bit arm. This general compiler optimizes the code for bare metal and embedded (RT) OS applications.

main features

1. Significantly faster execution time of compiler 6 through fine-grained scheduling of all kinds of code. In some large industrial and automotive cases, the performance improvement is more than 30% compared with previous generations.

Introduction of the latest arm development studio development tools and the differences between different versions

2. Create smaller code: embedded developers always find the right balance between performance and code size. Through a series of powerful optimization technologies, ARM compiler can provide small and efficient code, especially for Cortex-M devices

Introduction of the latest arm development studio development tools and the differences between different versions

3. Construction of safety critical code: compiler branch evaluated and certified by security expert t Ü v South Germany group, qualification documents and long-term maintenance contract. ARM compiler’s security package simplifies and accelerates the process of realizing functional safety certification.

Introduction of the latest arm development studio development tools and the differences between different versions

2、 Debugger for ARM development studio

Arm debugger is a debugger for modern complex SOC. It can debug complex multi-core SOC by connecting to a single processor or multiple processor configurations.

Arm debugger can help you find the root cause of software vulnerabilities throughout the development process. From device startup to application debugging, it can be used to develop code on virtual platforms and hardware to help you get products to market ahead of competitors.

main features

1. Preconfiguration supports various arm based devices

2. Complete RTOS aware debugging provides separate operation control and complex breakpoints for specific tasks or threads

3. Loop accuracy, non intrusive command and data tracking

4. Command line debugger

5. Check register and perform low level adjustment

3、 Performance analyzer for ARM development studio

Arm streamline performance analyzer is a system performance analysis tool, which is used to analyze Linux, Android and bare metal embedded systems. Streamline’s visualization tools can easily find performance bottlenecks in CPU, GPU and other arm IP. This, along with code analysis, can maximize the performance of your system and code.

main features

1. System wide performance counter analysis identifies performance bottlenecks, multithreading issues, and inefficient resource utilization

2. CPU sampling allows processes, threads, function calls, and line by line CPU time granularity to identify inefficient code

3. Performance metrics for optimal code parallelization and each core visualization of thread activity

4. Linux and bare metal support allows performance analysis from Cortex-M to the latest cortex-a CPU

5. Correlate software execution and power consumption data to identify energy inefficiencies

4、 Graphic development tool of ARM development studio

Debug and optimize graphics content by finding and fixing defects and performance issues.

main features

1. More advanced API tracking OpenGLES, Vulkan and OpenCL

2. GPU supporting multiple manufacturers

3. Automatically capture data on the target.

4. Support scripted analysis

5. Full track rewind

5、 Virtual platform for ARM development studio

A modeling tool for software development before chip production is completed. There are many virtual platforms to choose from, including pre built virtual platforms included in arm development studio, or connected with fast mode of precise instructions, cycle mode of precise cycle, and external virtual platform.

Arm development studio support goals

Supported boards and devices supported processors

Supports more than 5000 devices. Development studio comes with out of the box support for popular out of the box microcontrollers and application processors, as well as the commercial development boards that use them. Whether you are developing a custom SOC or a device that is not documented in the IDE device database. The PCE function and dtsl function of IDE can connect and debug any chip designed by arm architecture.

Differences between different versions of ARM development studio

Introduction to the latest arm development studio development tools and the differences among different versions

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