Because of the epidemic situation, “house” has become the key word of life this year. The unprecedented long home life has forced many people into chefs. “Fried dough sticks contest”, “rice pot cake” and “self-made cold skin” are constantly emerging in the top layer of social software. Suddenly, they find that everyone is a hidden gourmet master. Looking at the fancy works in the circle of friends and microblogs, many people are also interested in baking. Baking has an overall advantage in terms of consumption time, product selling appearance, sense of achievement and social attributes. The growth of home time has also greatly promoted baking related products.

Introduction of several ovens worth starting with

According to the big data of house economy in Spring Festival 2020 released by meituan, during the Spring Festival this year, the search for “baking” products increased 100 times, yeast sales increased nearly 40 times, and some places even sold out. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your utensils. Today, I’d like to introduce some ovens to help you with your baking career~

Midea t3-l324d

Introduction of several ovens worth starting with

Highlight: Midea t3-l324d adopts three sides of thickened enamel layer, which is resistant to high temperature and has no volatilization of harmful substances. 360 ° wrap food, heating more evenly. Rhombic reflecting cavity can effectively focus heat. Double layer tempered glass hollow design reduces heat loss and double insulation. 35 ° self stop hinge can avoid heat loss due to misoperation. Accidental falling can prevent scalding. It can take care of the baking white. 3D hot air circulation convection, faster baking food, uniform heat radiation. There is also 360 ° rotary barbecue function, roast chicken or large meat is not afraid, uniform rotation heating more uniform.

Jiuyang kx32-j82

Introduction of several ovens worth starting with

Highlight: Jiuyang kx32-j82 has a large capacity of 32L, which can produce a variety of delicious food at one time, and it is easy to deal with the gathering of friends and family dinner. Nocturne blue appearance, fashionable atmosphere. Simple and clear operation knob, with the top ten menus printed on the oven door, makes it easy for you to use the oven for the first time. The built-in chip tray is easy to take and wash, which can reduce the labor after baking. The upper and lower stainless steel heating tubes keep the temperature in the cavity uniform and stable. 60 minutes of precise control, effectively avoid too long and too short lead to taste loss.

Galanz k41

Introduction of several ovens worth starting with

Highlight: Galanz k41 adopts a deep cavity design, with a large space of 40L, even if friends and relatives get together. Diamond shaped inner liner improves reflection efficiency. As a baking novice, many times will be confused by the complex control buttons. Glanz k41 uses a simple knob, which is simple and clear in function, and can be easily used in the first attempt. With multi-layer grill, the height can be adjusted flexibly, and the space combination is more optional. Upper and lower independent temperature control, accurately grasp the temperature. With built-in explosion-proof lamp, you can observe the changes of food ingredients during baking, experience the fun of baking, and enjoy the growth of delicious food.

Changdi crtf32w

Introduction of several ovens worth starting with

Highlight: Changdi crtf32w adopts imported enamel liner with four sides, which is baked in antique kiln, and reflects heat evenly on all sides. Double layer hollow door can lock heat firmly. It is easy to clean. Independent temperature control of the upper and lower tubes can realize the species temperature mode, which is more convenient to operate and meet the baking temperature of various food materials. 3D hot air circulation, uniform heating, to avoid the small embarrassment of local scorching. 32L large space setting, if you want to roast whole chicken / duck, it’s no problem. With 360 ° swivel fork, you can enjoy delicious food without turning over. There are also fermentation, thawing and other functions, one machine multi-purpose.

Heidegger C41

Introduction of several ovens worth starting with

Highlight: Heidegger C41 has a small and fresh pink appearance, and it is a powerful school with high beauty in the oven industry. The upgraded oil-free enamel liner is more convenient for cleaning. There are 6 heating tubes in the upper and lower parts, with uniform heating and no dead angle. LED display with knob control, easy to make food. A new generation of electronic precise temperature control is adopted to protect the novice bakers. Dual NTC probes sense temperature sensitively. Through PID algorithm, microcomputer adjusts temperature change in time. Not just baking, C41 can make small snacks such as dried fruit and yogurt.

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