Rs13100 wireless MCU is an ultra-low power dual-mode SOC device that supports Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 technology and can run ZigBee or thread protocol. It can provide necessary connection options and processing capabilities for audio, data transmission, positioning and control applications. It is an ideal solution for the markets of wearable devices, home automation, industrial automation, lighting and household appliances.


Rs13100 SOC device has arm cortex m4f with performance up to 180mhz, maximum 4MB special flash memory and 400KB ram, which can handle very demanding operation smoothly and efficiently. In order to create a highly secure system, rs13100 includes multiple layers of security, including physical non cloning function (PUF), encryption hardware accelerator, secure boot and secure zone.

The low-power Bluetooth 5 long-distance data rate of rs13100 device is 125kbps, the high data rate is 2Mbps, and has the advertising expansion function to ensure high connectivity. This SOC has advanced RF performance, low-power Bluetooth and 802.15.4, with output power up to 20dbm, providing long-distance wireless connection and higher throughput. With the integrated wireless stack and profile, customers can easily integrate and profile the rs13100.

The dimensions of rs13100 devices are only 3.51mm x 3.60mm (SOC) and 4.63mm x 7.90mm (module), with ultra-small overall dimensions. Customers can visit com. Cn for other packaging options. The device has unique peripherals such as ULP subsystem, voice activity detection (VAD) and up to eight capacitive touch sensor inputs.

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