In order to meet the needs of dual-frequency positioning modules in the field of vehicle navigation, SKYLAB has successively launched a variety of dual-frequency multi-mode positioning modules, namely SKG122S and SKG122Y of Huada solution and SKG123 and SKG2205NR of Luoda AG3335 solution. In this article, SKYLAB will show you the SKG123L and SKM2205NR of the Luoda 3335 solution, optional RTK mode, and IRNSS mode.

Compared with the positioning accuracy of the single-frequency multi-mode positioning module of 2.5-3 meters, the positioning accuracy of the dual-frequency multi-mode positioning module is better. The positioning accuracy of the SKG123 and SKG2205NR of the AG3335 solution is less than 1.7 meters (CEP50), which can meet the positioning accuracy of 1 Outdoor positioning applications around meters.

Dual-frequency multi-mode positioning module AG3335 scheme SKG123

SKG123 is a high-performance, multi-system dual-frequency navigation and positioning module. The module can support GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS satellite receiver modules at the same time, and can track up to 75 L1 satellites and 60 L5 satellites, L1+L5 Dual frequency positioning enables faster positioning, higher accuracy and more reliable product performance.

Industrial-grade standard, supports PPS timing, and the accuracy can reach ±15ns. PPS is related to NMEA. With its excellent performance, it can provide high-sensitivity, high-precision, low-cost positioning and navigation for the manufacture of positioning terminal products such as vehicle and portable handheld. and other solutions, which can meet the strict requirements of professional positioning and personal consumption needs.

Compact size, compatible with international mainstream navigation and positioning modules on the market, using SMD pads, supporting standard pick and place and reflow soldering.

Notes: There are multiple versions of this series of modules, and you can choose the standard high-precision version, RTK high-precision version, and IRNSS version according to your needs.

Dual frequency multimode GNSS G-Mouse SKG2205NR

The SKYLAB SKM2205 features an embedded GNSS antenna for high performance navigation in the most demanding applications and reliable positioning even in harsh GNSS visibility environments. It is a high-performance GNSS single-chip based on a monolithic architecture, and the -165dBm tracking sensitivity extends the positioning coverage to urban canyons and dense foliage environments. Standard connection plugs are designed to be the easiest and most convenient solution for communicating with other electronic devices.

At present, the SKYLAB dual-frequency multi-mode positioning modules SKG123 and SKM2205MR are mainly used for vehicle navigation, portable handheld positioning terminals, car security systems, and IRNSS applications.

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