BCH, as a kind of point-to-point e-cash that can be used all over the world, has a huge number of users all over the world. Bcher, who use different languages in different countries, have new ideas about BCH every day. How to make the ideas of different languages come together and spread more widely? CLEARSKY, a netizen of read.cash, gives a solution. He said that he saw that many people in the community were discussing the adoption of BCH, so with the idea that he might also contribute to the community, he and an excellent programmer jointly developed the googol cash translation task community( https://googol.cash/questions/ )。 He thinks that bridges are very important links, so he named the project case bridges. At present, the website has only launched a beta version.

The feature of this website is the translation task website. At present, the language options of the website are relatively rare. There are only five options: English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic. The reward currency only supports US dollars and euros. After registration, the reward giver can fill in his own questions and appeals in the option box. A question task can be classified by adding five tags. The two ways to request translation are: 1) small donation; 2) contracting larger translation tasks. Users can sign a contract with the website to host their own articles. Users can also use the internal chat function. The website takes 1% donation and contract fees as maintenance and management fees. In addition, the webmaster also announced that the website has been open source and uses bip70 payment protocol API. Different from the open forum and round table, the website is only used to ask and answer questions. It encourages people to use [question] to ask questions and use [answer] to answer them. Users can use [voting] function to help choose the best answer and thank the most useful users. In any position of the text, they can use [@] to mention a user to attract their attention.

Introduction of BCH based on point-to-point e-cash that can be used all over the world

Webmasters hope that users can get a better user experience in the future, and will add more security features (such as 2fa authentication) to the website. They may support donations from other cryptocurrencies and SLP tokens, launch mobile app and establish their own nodes,

Suggestions and questions about this website can be found in the telegraph group( https://t.me/Googolcash )It is proposed in the paper.

For enthusiasts who are keen on communication and discussion, community enthusiasts on stackexchange have set up a proposed Q & a site for BCH users, developers and researchers. In order to let more users deeply participate, questioners can ask questions in the site and let users vote to decide whether the question can enter the answering stage, which becomes the topic of discussion on the day. The question of today’s site is: when will BCH have more than 100 million users? In addition, more users are concerned about technical issues, such as “how is BCH different or improved from traditional BTC in technology?”“ What’s the difference between SLP token and Ethereum based token? ” And so on. At present, the site is in the “definition” stage, and you need to ask 9 more questions to enter the next stage to become the official site of stack exchange network and realize more functions.

Introduction of BCH based on point-to-point e-cash that can be used all over the world

As a community driven project, we often see in the major forums that the people who are active in the promotion front line are not big business figures, but ordinary community netizens. They spontaneously gather the masses to hold lectures, distribute leaflets in remote towns, do their best to introduce BCH to their classmates, relatives and friends, establish BCH application websites, develop more scenes, and talk freely about the present and future of BCH on social media. Sometimes, they also cause fierce quarrels. Behind each ID are vivid people with real emotions, who can do things and speak, Once there is a fever, there will be a light. BCH will become a better peer-to-peer e-cash with the help of the community.

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