There are many kinds of industrial camera data transmission interface, including 1394 interface, USB interface, GigE interface, Cameralink interface and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the performance and characteristics of 1394 interface.

IEEE1394 interface, also known as FireWire interface, is a standard industrial serial interface developed by American Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Its transmission speed is fast. The existing transmission speed is 400MB / s, which can be increased to 800MB / s, 1.6gb/s and 3.2gb/s in the future. It can be used to connect the host with industrial camera, industrial camera, image acquisition card, external hard disk, external optical drive, Mo machine, card reader and other peripheral devices

1. Open standard: open standard makes 1394 interface standard can be applied to many devices, which is conducive to promotion;

2. Real point-to-point transmission protocol: it can make different digital devices connect directly through 1394 interface without the interference of computer;

3. Hot plug support: 1394 devices can be accessed or removed while the computer is running without causing the computer system crash.

IEEE1394 interface has two types: six pin and four pin. The hexagon interface is six pin, and the small quadrangle interface is four pin. At present, there are not only four for four pin and six for six pin transmission cables on the market, but also six to four pin transmission cables. However, because the transmission rate of IEEE1394 interface is very fast, the shielding requirements of its connecting cable are very high, so the IEEE1394 cable on the market is not long, which is about 3 meters long.

As an industry standard high-speed serial bus, it has been widely used in digital cameras, digital cameras, TV set-top boxes, home games, computers and peripheral devices. External industrial CCD camera, in order to prevent the joint loose, the joint part is slightly different. New generation products such as DVD and DVR will also use IEEE1394, which is widely used in the digital video and audio consumer market, opening up a full digital shooting to production environment for the home market and even the professional market.

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