Software Description

ECAN Tools is a small-volume, green-free installation, ready-to-download and completely free CAN analysis tool software developed by Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. With CAN analyzer, it can realize CAN message analysis, CAN data packet transmission, CAN frame filtering, bus monitoring and other practical functions. The software supports multiple languages, supports Simplified Chinese and English.

Function Description

1Device management

At present, the software supports the “CAN analyzers” developed by our company – ECAN-U01 and ECAN-U01S. After entering the software, the device management interface will automatically pop up. After connecting the device to the computer (through the USB2.0 interface), the above picture ” The current online device will be displayed at the arrow 1″ (the serial port number of the non-CAN analyzer will not be displayed).

After opening the device, you can open or close the device channel, or configure the channel baud rate, support standard baud rate “1000kbps”, “800kbps”, “500kbps”, “250kbps”, “125kbps”, “100kbps”, “50kbps” , “20kbps”, “10kbps”, “5kbps”. It also supports custom baud rate, as shown in the figure below.

The custom baud rate is based on the bus clock and the required baud rate, according to the formula Baud = 72000000/(pre(1+1+tbs1+1+tbs2)) to calculate all the “PRE” “TBS1” “TBS2” that satisfy the formula, After configuring these three parameters to the CAN controller, the CAN controller can be configured to the corresponding baud rate.

2frame display

The main interface of ECAN Tools will display all the data sent and received by the CAN analyzer, with a maximum display of 1 million frames. “Pause” does not stop the reception of CAN data. The lower right corner of the main interface will count “receive count”, “send count” and “error count”.

ECAN Tools supports system timestamp and analyzer timestamp, and system timestamp is selected by default. Different timestamps can be switched in real time, that is, each piece of data comes with two timestamps, and the timestamps displayed on the interface for selecting different timestamps will also be modified in real time. The analyzer time stamp is generated in the “send” and “receive” interrupts of the analyzer, ensuring high accuracy of the time stamp. The system time stamp is generated when ECAN Tools receives the data reported by the analyzer, and there is no analyzer time stamp for real-time performance. High, but the system timestamp is displayed in date format, which is more in line with human cognition of time.

3frame filtering

The frame filtering function of ECAN Tools can precisely locate the desired CAN frame. The filtering function will match the “time stamp”, “source channel”, “frame ID”, “frame type”, “direction” according to the way of partial string matching. Filter data by “data length” “data” (case sensitive). For example, if the timestamp of a CAN frame is “1722.479”, enter “1” “17:” “22” “.479” “1722.479” “1722” in the “Event ID” input field to match this entry However, if you enter “8”, “16”, “17:” (Chinese colon), “1722.478”, etc., this piece of data cannot be matched, and each entry filters the data in the cache in a “logical AND” manner.

4data saving

ECAN Tools supports cache storage and real-time storage. ECAN Tools caches a maximum of 1 million data, and saves the latest 1 million data after more than 1 million, and real-time storage is not limited. After clicking the “Save” button, the data will be saved to the user-specified path.

5CAN send

After ECAN Tools is connected to the analyzer, the CAN sending interface can select the functions of sending channel, frame type, frame format, frame ID and other auxiliary packet functions, and supports the functions of ID increment and data increment. A maximum of 10,000,000,000 pieces of data can be sent at a time, the minimum sending interval is 0ms, and the maximum sending interval is 100,000ms. When the data length is greater than the input data length in the data input box, the high byte will automatically fill the remaining length with zeros.

6Bus Utilization Statistics

The CAN bus occupancy interface will refresh the current bus speed and bus occupancy in real time.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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