In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to intelligent and automation technology in the field of toy manufacturing. This paper introduces the design of an intelligent car control system voice control car. Voice control car is a representative product of interest based on SPCE061A. It is launched with 61 board and comprehensively applies many resources of SPCE061A. The car adopts voice recognition technology and can control its driving state through voice command.

Speech recognition technology is a very active research field in recent years. The practical research of speech recognition system is a main direction of speech recognition research. Taking the toy market as an example, electronic toys and intelligent toys with high-tech content are developing rapidly. Electronic interactive and intelligent toys have become the mainstream of the toy industry. China is a big country of toy production and export, but there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in the development of high-tech toys. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to invest energy in this field in time and carry out extensive research, whether for technological innovation and application, or for social and economic development. It’s a long-term dream for people to communicate with the machine and let the machine understand what you say. Speech recognition technology is a high technology that enables the machine to transform the speech signal into the corresponding text or command through the process of recognition and understanding. In the past two decades, speech recognition technology has made significant progress, starting from the laboratory to the market. Speech recognition function greatly increases the fun of toys, and makes toys reflect a certain degree of intelligence, so it has become the key technology used in the design of most electronic toys and intelligent toys.

This paper uses Sunplus MCU to design an intelligent remote control car with speech recognition function. The design changes the remote control vehicle from the traditional manual remote control to the voice recognition remote control, integrates the advanced voice recognition technology, and the characteristics of the car’s mobility and flexibility, so that the controller can control the car by voice to achieve the preset action, so as to release the controller’s hands, and there is also a certain interaction function between the car and the controller. So this research has strong practicability and development prospects.

  Design of relay drive circuit

Interpretation of SPCE061A intelligent car speech recognition system circuit

Because the current provided by the I / O port of the single chip microcomputer is too small to drive the relay directly. Here, 8050npn is used to provide a switching voltage to drive the relay through I / O port; Use IN4007 to remove the reverse current generated by the coil when the relay is disconnected to protect 8050npn tube from damage. The relay drive circuit is shown in the figure.

  Design of driving state control circuit

Interpretation of SPCE061A intelligent car speech recognition system circuit

As shown in the figure is the control circuit of the running state. The running state of the whole car is controlled by two motors, motor A and motor B; Motor a controls the two wheels on the left side of the car, and motor B controls the two wheels on the right side of the car. The specific control is shown in.

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