Application processor is a very large scale integrated circuit which extends audio and video functions and special interface on the basis of low power CPU. No matter in the small-scale Internet of things applications, such as intelligent speaker, intelligent door lock, sweeping robot, or in the large-scale intelligent city, intelligent vehicle networking and other fields, application processors undertake a variety of signal processing work.

At the same time, the application processor needs to carry out a large number of cloud and device data exchange in the work, which makes the closed embedded system face the threat of hacker attacks and malicious software, and seriously threaten the security of Internet of things devices and personal information.

Why external security components?

In fact, the use of external security components can not only improve the code storage capacity and reduce the cost, but also ensure the same security performance and provide the same strength of protection to resist external threats.

1、Norflash cannot be embedded in the application processor

With the development of the Internet of things, semiconductor manufacturers have realized that embedded system has a very broad development prospect. They produce embedded processors on a large scale and accelerate the research and development of a new generation of semiconductor process technology.

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However, for application processors, the development of advanced processes is more and more different from that of secure flash memory. Today’s production application processors mostly use sub 10 nm process, while non-volatile chip built-in norflash which stores boot code, application code and sensitive data uses more than 40 nm process.

This makes it impossible for designers to embed norflash memory into today’s most advanced and energy-efficient processor chips when protecting their devices.

Therefore, designers need to consider using external devices with secure memory to ensure the data security of the application processor.

2、The cost of conventional embedded security components is too high

Nowadays, the security and transmission of application processor data become more important. Therefore, Internet of things devices integrate more and more data intensive computing functions, such as biometrics, or more complex encryption forms, which are difficult to be cracked by hackers, to ensure security. With the development of Internet of things, the computing load of security data is higher, and the demand of memory is increasing.

At present, when many embedded system developers build the security functions required by application processor, they mostly adopt the security components based on microcontroller. However, in the architecture of microcontroller, the implementation of sufficient storage capacity is often accompanied by expensive costs. Because the cost of executing security operations on the processor is very low, when developers finally choose security components, what they really choose is the security storage capacity and space of the components, and the main cost investment lies in the memory itself.

The difference is that, compared with most security component manufacturers applying the necessary, limited, but expensive storage capacity to the security microcontroller architecture, directly using external security components is another solution. By using norflash native flash architecture, developers can get unlimited storage capacity, more reasonable cost and higher security performance.

Advantages of Huabang w75f secure flash memory

Huabang w75f secure flash memory is based on the standard serial norflash memory architecture, so it can provide scalable and larger storage capacity with lower unit memory cost. Compared with the maximum memory capacity of 2Mb of the existing security components on the market, the maximum capacity of Huabang w75f security flash memory can reach 4MB.

Compared with independent safety components of the same capacity, w75f series products can provide better cost-effectiveness. Its storage performance is the same as the same level but more expensive embedded security components.

Huabang w75f security flash memory can provide the following security functions:


Moreover, Huabang w75f secure flash memory has passed the common criteria eal5 + security level certification of van. 5.

The embedded security components of microcontroller can provide perfect security performance, but the storage capacity and overall performance are not good. Using external security components to store code and data can achieve higher performance and larger memory capacity at a more reasonable cost, and ensure the data security of application processor.

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