Due to the lack of reliable network connection, organizations throughout the mining industry are trying to make full use of applications supported by the Internet of things (IOT).

According to a new study by INMARSAT, the global leader in mobile satellite communications, only 15% of mining organizations can always provide reliable network connection for their Internet of things projects.

These latest results come from INMARSAT’s 2020 Internet of things trend research plan – “the rise of the Internet of things in the mining industry”. The report found that 45% of respondents had difficulty accessing connections between mines, which hindered their ability to collect data. Another 40% said they can access the connection, but this connection is usually unreliable, making it sometimes difficult for them to collect data. Only 15% said they could access a reliable connection no matter where the data provider is.

Although the mining industry has increased the adoption rate of the Internet of things in recent years, 65% of the respondents have fully deployed the Internet of things project, 33% of the respondents are still trying or currently trying the Internet of things project, and 2% of the respondents have not tried or deployed the Internet of things, but it is obvious that, Lack of reliable connectivity is an important reason that hinders miners from using the Internet of things.

Among the 130 respondents, 78% fully deployed the Internet of things project in their mining area, of which 24% said they could access each other in parallel, and 24% of them could access reliable connections.

In contrast, of the 70 respondents who have not completed the deployment of Internet of things solutions, only 11% can access the connection, and they can only access unreliable connections.

Joe Carr, mining director of INMARSAT, said: “INMARSAT’s highly reliable L-band BGAN connection is helping organizations obtain the required reliable connection at all stages of the Internet of things process to ensure that they can generate, analyze and process the necessary data and improve their operation mode.

“Although our research shows that the global mining industry is experiencing the popularity of Internet of things applications, reliable network connection is clearly still a crux that INMARSAT can help alleviate“

“In order to get value from IOT projects, you must put the right data in the right place at the right time, otherwise you cannot provide insights and return on investment. The study points out that there is a clear correlation between connectivity and respondents who fully deploy IOT projects. From the work of our industry, it is found that poor connectivity will hinder the project from proof of concept to mainstream industry Full deployment of business operations. “

“However, we also see from the research that connectivity is still a challenge for many people who have fully deployed Internet of things projects. INMARSAT’s connectivity and functions can help the mining industry transform rapidly through the deployment of Internet of things.”

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