On September 15, the “2020 open data center summit” was held in Beijing, China. Cao Yun, director of Fiberhome optical transmission network, delivered a keynote speech on “facing DCI reform with the development of optical network”. He introduced the evolution trend of optical network facing simplicity, openness, intelligence, ultra wide and security under the background of new infrastructure in post epidemic era, as well as Fiberhome integration single wave [email protected] We have developed 400g cfp2-dco and 400g silicon optical chip’s next generation DCI solution.

Internet empowers "anti epidemic" and Fiberhome releases next generation DCI solution

The Internet has enabled the “anti epidemic” and the optical interconnection of data centers has become the key

During the epidemic period, in view of a series of impacts brought about by measures such as delaying enterprises to return to work and opening schools, Internet enterprises use the new generation of information technology to deeply integrate with the real economy, which can not only effectively reduce the number of people flocking together, but also meet the government’s needs for materials, government services and education guarantee in epidemic prevention and control. Through big data analysis , remote online, home economy and so on. According to the report of omdia, compared with the average traffic growth of 6% in the year before the epidemic, the actual growth rate of traffic during the epidemic period was 30%. The traffic between DC increased sharply, and the bandwidth became the main bottleneck. It is the key to ensure the high-quality and fast delivery and operation and maintenance of the data center optical interconnection (DCI) network.

Optical network evolution goals under new infrastructure in post epidemic era: faster, higher and stronger

Under the background of the new infrastructure in the post epidemic era, the evolution goal of the next generation optical network is highly consistent with the spirit of the Olympic five rings, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: faster, improving the single channel transmission rate, greatly reducing the transmission cost per terabit, while maintaining the overall consistency of equipment architecture and room style, which is conducive to rapid delivery and simplified operation and maintenance; higher and higher cost performance ratio, optimal Under the background of no revenue increase in traffic increment, further reducing CAPEX and OPEX is particularly important for new infrastructure; stronger, optical network optimization is carried out based on the idea of strong management and control of SDN, equipment interface is opened, and subtraction in operation and maintenance is done through addition in design, such as OXC to simplify complex optical layer fiber, and AI to simplify opening and maintenance.

Fiberhome deepens the innovation of optical network and releases the next generation DCI solution to help the anti epidemic

In order to solve the bottleneck of DCI bandwidth and meet the network evolution goal, Fiberhome’s next generation DCI transmission solution integrates single wave [email protected] , self developed 400g cfp2-dco, 400g silicon optical module, OXC all-optical switching and AI intelligent engine and other innovative technologies, leading the DCI network into a simple, open, intelligent, ultra wide and safe era

Simplicity: compared with traditional transmission equipment, the capacity can be increased by 233%, the volume can be reduced by 80%, and the power consumption can be reduced by 77%. At the same time, in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, the data center asset inventory and operation and maintenance work can be reduced by 50%.

Open: it adopts standard network architecture and interface, and is customized according to the use scenarios and user requirements; based on openconfig model, it is easy to expand, which can realize network decoupling and reduce the network construction cost of customers.

Intelligence: loading AI light-emitting network towards intelligent autonomy, through the introduction of fault intelligent traceability, the accuracy can reach more than 90%, the alarm compression rate can be reduced by 60%, greatly enhancing the operation and maintenance efficiency; in addition, with the help of AI active operation and maintenance, the efficiency is improved by 85%, and the failure rate is reduced by 60%.

Ultra wide: single wave 800g is introduced, and Nyquist subcarrier modulation is carried out at the electric domain level, and the transmission efficiency is increased by 300%; at the same time, it can be smoothly connected with Fiberhome OXC platform to further improve the scheduling ability at the wavelength level in the optical cross field, and the overall space of the computer room is reduced by 40%, the power consumption of the whole machine is reduced by 80%, and the fiber connection is reduced by 90%.

Security: the box quantum security system sqkd 1000A / B is adopted to ensure the high security and reliability of data interconnection in the data center. The quantum channel can be combined with the classical WDM channel for fiber transmission, which is of great commercial value.

Fiberhome has always maintained its strategic focus on scientific research and innovation in the field of optical communication. At present, DCI equipment has been widely used in domestic Internet enterprises and overseas markets such as Singapore and Pakistan. Fiberhome will continue to work with its partners to seize opportunities, face challenges, do a good job in new infrastructure and strengthen optical network.

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