01 Interface transfer

In the LCD 12864COG LCD module serial / parallel port ST7565R with back 3.3v 12864-14 display screen defines a unified interface for ST7565R LCD driver based on ADuC845 microcontroller data acquisition board.

▲ Make PIN6 external lead

This interface is not compatible with the LM6063A LCD module. The following changes are required:

Adjust the pin definition order;

Use 10kΩ pull-up VCC for RST

Connect the LEDs on the backlight to VCC.

▲ ###gs 2.TOPWAY LM6063

▲ External pin definition

Therefore, it is necessary to make an interface adapter board, so that the LM6063A can directly use the LCD interface of the ADuC845 low-noise signal acquisition version as the LCD 12864COG LCD module serial port/parallel port ST7565R 3.3v 12864-14 display screen.

02 Interface board design

1. Circuit Design 1


▲ PCB design

2. Functional testing

After connecting to the ADuC845 microcontroller data acquisition board, the corresponding "HELLO" can be displayed.

Problems: The displayed coordinates and contrast need to be further optimized.

▲ The result after the test

03 Setting parameters

The setting parameters are changed in the following two aspects:

Set the corresponding parameters in ST7565Init(void) as:

▲ Test function


void ST7565Init(void) {

ST7565_SCK = 1;

ST7565_SI = 1;

ST7565_DI = 1;

ST7565_CS = 1;



ST7565Command(0xa2); // Set Bias:0xa2

ST7565Command(0xc8); // Command Direction Select:

// bit3=1:Reverse; bit3=0:normal

ST7565Command(0x2f); // Power control set

ST7565Command(0x24); // Set ra/rb 0x24

ST7565Command(0x81); // Set Contrast

ST7565Command(0x2c); // Set ra/rb: For ST7565R: 0x27;

// For LM6063: 0x2c

ST7565Command(0xaf); // Display ON




The display X coordinate starts from 0x4, for example:

LCD_Print(4, 0, “Hello”)

shown as:

▲ LCD displays Hello

in conclusion

For the LM6063A display LCD, the ST7565R module can be used for display. The initialization parameters and the x-coordinate in LCD_Print(x, y) need to be modified.
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