Face communication attendance machine is the world’s first embedded face recognition machine, with a false recognition rate of less than 1 / 100000 and a rejection rate of less than 1%. In the field of biometrics, it can be said that it is quite accurate. It is an offline version. It can be used without connecting to the computer and plugging in the power supply. There are two ways to download attendance records, one can be downloaded through USB flash disk, and the other can be downloaded through the computer by connecting to the LAN with an Internet cable. Binocular stereo face recognition technology is adopted, which is not affected by indoor light and can be recognized in the dark. The application environment is indoor, the temperature is not less than 0 degrees, and the use distance is 30-80cm. Compared with fingerprints, the face is generally non-contact, avoiding cross-contact infection, safe and hygienic. At the same time, the machine itself is not worn because of non-contact. It adopts the unique design of 53 degree angle inclined plane, which is installed 1.15m away from the ground and can be used by personnel between 1.4-2m. It can solve the use of personnel with different heights. The recognition speed is less than 1s. The voice registration is successful. When combined with access control, it has the function of security record. The security record cycle covers, and records the time and photo information of any passing and failing personnel, which can be traced later, It can be wall hung, installed on the floor support and placed on the desktop support. It can be used in three ways, and the installation height is.

Interface circuit design of face recognition attendance machine

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