In the past two years, mobile phone technology has developed by leaps and bounds. The performance of the processor from Xiaolong 808 to Xiaolong 835 has more than doubled, and manufacturers on the camera have changed from single camera to dual camera. In addition, another notable improvement is the gradual popularity of the type-C interface on mobile phones. What exactly is type-C? How is it different from micro USB? Today, let’s talk about the mobile phone interface.

What are the mobile phone interfaces?

The earliest mobile phones did not have such powerful functions as smart phones. At that time, the interface was completely used for charging. The most common is the round charging interface, both thick and thin. There is no need to worry about inserting the round Jack in the wrong direction. However, such an interface is completely designed for charging, so that many Nokia mobile phones have to set up a micro USB interface to transmit data.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Nokia classic round charging plug

In ancient times, there were many strange special plugs for mobile phones. All manufacturers customized charging interfaces for their mobile phones. For example, Samsung generally adopted the long strip interface shown in the figure below on anycall series mobile phones in that year.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Samsung classic strip interface

Later, many manufacturers (especially small domestic manufacturers) used Mini USB interface one after another. This interface has been quite standardized and mature. At present, it is still used in many small digital products such as music players, digital cameras, mobile hard disks and so on. This interface has excellent anti misinsertion effect, small volume and great advantages in data transmission, so it is the first popular USB interface.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Such Mini USB interface is still used by many digital devices

Entering the era of smart phones, micro USB interface began to emerge. In fact, Nokia phones began to use this interface to transmit data (charging or circular interface). The real promotion should still be on Android phones. Almost all Android phones adopted this interface before the emergence of type-c. Micro USB is a portable version of USB 2.0. It is thinner and faster than the previous Mini USB, which is also the main reason why smart phones choose it.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Currently the most popular micro USB interface

Apple has always been independent in the data cable interface. The earliest iPhone has used the 30 pin dock interface from iphone4s to iphone4s. Due to its large size and low transmission efficiency, Apple has enabled a new 16 pin lightning interface since iphone5. So far, new iPhones, iPads and iPods are using such interfaces.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

In the past two years, the type-C interface has slowly emerged. Almost all recently released mobile phones use the type-C interface. Even the latest MacBook has abandoned the magnetic suction interface that has been used for many years and switched to type-c. At present, there are rumors that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will also use the type-C interface. Although it is not necessarily true, it is enough to see the popularity of type-c.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Mom doesn’t have to worry about me plugging in the wrong data line anymore!

Why is type-C so popular?

Why is type-C so popular? First, the type-C interface supports the USB 3.1 standard and the data transmission speed is faster. In theory, the transmission speed of USB 3.1 type-C can reach 10Gbps. Second, the positive and negative insertion of type-C are the same. There is no need to worry about the reverse insertion of the interface. It is more convenient to use. Third, the standard cable of type-C can pass 3A current, support up to 100W power transmission, and can supply two-way power, which can realize the increasingly popular fast charging technology. In addition, type-C has strong expansion capability, which can expand a variety of audio and video interfaces and support 4K resolution.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Type-C can realize a variety of interface functions through the adapter line

The two-way power supply can not only charge and charge externally, but also put the audio decoding in the headset to simplify the internal design layout of the mobile phone. Of course, type-C also has its limitations. First of all, the type-C interface “the greater the capability, the greater the responsibility”. Poor quality connecting wires may have potential safety hazards. Secondly, at present, type-C has not been fully popularized, many supporting products have not been applied, and it will take a long time to transition.

Type-C may be the general trend

At present, the popularity of type-C interface may be the general trend. Mobile phone manufacturers and even computer manufacturers are successively adopting type-C data interface. The gradual popularization of type-C interface is also a unified development direction in terms of interface. After all, we all hope to simplify our life and make it more convenient to walk around the world with one data line. It is believed that the type-C interface can be popularized in the near future.

Interface between type-C and mobile phone

Such an artifact will make him disappear under the wheel of history!

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