Half of 2019 has passed, and Intel has also accelerated the publicity pace of its own independent graphics card. Just yesterday, Intel China’s official microblog suddenly issued its own graphics card rendering video, which can be described as a 360 ° omni-directional and non dead angle to show you the unique appearance of Xe.

Intel's unique look has three DPS and one HDMI

As can be seen from the video, the appearance design of Xe is quite cool. The overall tone is blue and silver, which is consistent with the main tone of Intel. There are two fans on the front of the graphics card. The middle of the two fans is decorated with “X” and can emit cyan light.

Intel's unique look has three DPS and one HDMI

In terms of interface, Xe unique display has three DP and one HDMI. The backplane design is similar to AMD’s graphics card, as well as lighting design. In terms of power supply, Xe alone supplies power for 8 + 8pin. It seems that the positioning of this graphics card is relatively high.

In terms of appearance design, Xe’s unique design style is indeed quite bold, which is obviously different from the current common graphics card appearance design. Because Intel’s official micro only exposed the appearance of the Xe unique display, the hardware performance is not clear, but it can be guessed from the dual 8pin power supply that the power consumption of the Xe unique display is really not low.

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