In the plan, Intel may launch a higher version of 65wtdp.

In the early stage, Intel officially confirmed the launch of the 11th generation of tiger Lake hcpu with 8 cores in September. At present, the chip has appeared on the benchmark platform of user benchmark.

The chip is mainly for high-performance laptops and low-power compact desktops. It adopts the same 10nm process as tiger lake-u, and is based on the latest willowcove architecture, but provides more cores and higher clock frequency.

According to the information shared by netizens, Intel tigerlake hcpu has 8 cores and 16 threads, the standard basic clock frequency is 3.1ghz, and the average Rui frequency of all cores is 2.75ghz.

According to the information released, tigerlake series chips will provide 24MB L3 cache (3MB per core) and 10MB L2 cache (1.25mb per core), and carry UHD graphics chips of Intel Xe architecture.

Intel's 11th generation tiger lake-h CPU appears, and the average Rui frequency of all cores is 2.75ghz

The 35W standard version contains 32 EU (execution unit), while the 45W version has 96 EU.

The exposed Intel tigerlake hcpu is a 4-core 35wtdp version, which uses the same bga1449 slot as tigerlake-u, while the mainstream 45wtdp version will use bga1787 slot, with up to 8 willowcove cores. However, in the plan, Intel may introduce a higher 65wtdp version.

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