With the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of science and technology, modern office buildings have become a public place with complex access and large flow of people. Therefore, the probability of emergencies has greatly increased. Especially in recent years, public security cases in the building have occurred from time to time, and even criminals use violent means to enter the building to commit murder and theft, threatening the life and property safety of people in the building. Building security and management only rely on property service personnel, it is difficult to meet the requirements of users, so it is very necessary to use intelligent video monitoring system to form an all-round prevention system. If an incident occurs, the property service personnel will respond immediately, which is not only conducive to the safety of the building, but also improve the standardized management level of the building.

In the development of intelligent commercial buildings, cost, safety and user experience are important issues that commercial building developers and property developers have to consider. With the development of 5g, cloud storage, Internet of things and other new technologies, intelligent video surveillance will get rid of the constraints of insufficient transmission signals, small storage equipment space and backward image processing technology, apply face recognition, behavior recognition, video structuring and other technologies to commercial buildings, improve the user service management of commercial buildings and reduce the operation cost at the same time. For example, unattended parking lots, biometric access control, road gates and other equipment will greatly reduce labor costs; The visual intercom management system and elevator control system achieve two-way video intercom between visitors and users to further ensure the privacy and security of users; The insensitivity and convenience provided by intelligent video analysis equipment, such as insensitivity attendance, access control, etc., improve the intelligence and sense of technology of the building and enhance the user experience.

The integration and development of intelligent video surveillance technology with 5g, big data, Internet of things, cloud storage and other new technologies will further improve the intelligence of video surveillance technology and reduce the promotion cost of cutting-edge technology. In the future of intelligent commercial buildings, the in-depth application of intelligent video surveillance technology in buildings will be the general trend.

Deep application of intelligent video surveillance in intelligent buildings

The application of intelligent video surveillance technology in commercial buildings can be reflected in three aspects: people, vehicles and things. Simple human and material management is not enough to be classified as intelligent video surveillance.

The management of “people” by intelligent video monitoring technology can be reflected in access security management, access control security system and intelligent attendance system, so as to leave traces of “people”. Deploy intelligent video control system at each channel, automatically open the channel after recognizing facial features through face recognition technology, and record the access time and picture information, so as to ensure the safety of the building and allow internal personnel to pass quickly. For the access of foreign personnel, the visitor management system can be deployed. The intelligent video analysis front-end can automatically identify and compare the visitor’s face information and ID card information, check the release of visitors, and record the visitor information and access time, so as to store and query the visitor records. After the visited user is allowed to access through the visual intercom, the ladder control management system can control the visitors to only enter the floor where the visited user is located, further restrict the visitors’ access activities and ensure the user’s privacy and safety. Due to the characteristics of commercial buildings, the centralized attendance of employees is the focus of personnel management in intelligent buildings. Deploy intelligent video analysis equipment at the passage of personnel, quickly collect and compare biological information such as faces, and notify employees of attendance results through wechat, so as to realize employees’ senseless attendance and improve the personnel management and control means and user experience of commercial buildings.

Intelligent video surveillance technology improves the intelligence and sense of science and technology of buildings

Unattended parking lot has a wide application prospect in intelligent commercial buildings. The intelligent video monitoring equipment can automatically record the video information when the vehicle passes, identify and analyze the vehicle license plate information, and realize the automatic passage of internal vehicles and improve the user’s service experience according to the bottom database ratio of internal license plate information in the system. For the vehicles of foreign visitors, the system can identify and release them and charge them automatically and timely. When the visitor vehicles leave, they can scan the code and pay for them by themselves without manual charge. While saving labor cost, the system can improve the traffic speed and leave marks on the “vehicle”.

The control of intelligent video surveillance equipment on “events” is mainly reflected in the intrusion alarm system. Install warning video equipment in the areas that need to be monitored and deployed in the building, prevent illegal intrusion and other behaviors through virtual perimeter tripping, and timely transmit the alarm information to the back-end management platform and remind, so as to solve the security problem of the building. Intelligent video analysis technology supports various warning functions such as parking space guard, duty detection and sensor information detection to ensure building safety in an all-round way. The linkage between the intrusion alarm system and access control, lighting, air conditioning and other systems can realize automatic deployment and removal, improve the intelligent level and enhance the ability of emergency handling while ensuring the safety and privacy of commercial buildings.

Application prospect and trend of intelligent video surveillance in intelligent buildings

There are two development trends of building intelligence, one is the intelligence of control system, the other is the intelligence of user service.

The building control system needs to ensure that all facilities and systems in the building can affect and contact each other. Intelligent video surveillance technology is a good medium for data common connection. For example, the video monitoring system can analyze whether there are users in the current environment. If no one uses it, the control system can shut down the lighting and air conditioning system. As the “eye” of the building, the intelligent video monitoring technology allows the building to have its own ideas and achieve the goal of building intelligence.

User service intelligence needs to improve users’ comfort and security, so that users can better complete their work. For example, based on the current unattended parking lot, intelligent video monitoring equipment can guard the parking space, analyze whether there are free parking spaces within the monitoring range, and intelligently guide users and visitors into an empty parking space after driving into the building. In addition to the face, the biometric system can carry out access control and attendance management through voice, iris and other recognition methods, so as to reduce unnecessary time waste and improve the user experience.

With the development of 5g, Internet of things, big data and other technologies, the application of intelligent video surveillance in buildings will develop towards ultra-high definition and more intelligent. Deep intelligent technologies such as structure and behavior analysis will become the application trend in intelligent buildings, and further improve the intelligence of building control system and user experience.

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