With the rapid development of major cities, it is still difficult to get rid of the power poles and overhead lines, and the crisscross wires like spider webs affect the urban landscape. Walking into Beijing Economic Development Zone, we can’t see such “spider web” urban disease. Recently, the reporter learned from Yizhuang power supply company that underground cable trench is adopted for power transmission of permanent power supply cables in the area. The length of cables entering the ground is 1300 km, and the length of overhead stringing is only more than 60 km, accounting for less than 5%, which is gradually eliminating.

Intelligent distribution network will further improve the power supply reliability of economic development zone to 99.999%

The power infrastructure of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone has a distinctive feature. Except for temporary lines, all of them are ground cable lines without overhead lines“ This is decided from the beginning of regional construction. ” According to the relevant person in charge of Yizhuang power supply company, considering the problems of urban environment and power stability, the power infrastructure construction of the economic development zone did not follow the old road of other districts and counties, and adopted the underground power trench cable transmission mode.

After verification, this transmission mode is far safer and more reliable than overhead lines, which can reduce the blackout caused by the destruction of facilities caused by man-made and natural factors, and also reduce the impact on regional planning, and avoid the destructiveness caused by line shifting. The economic development zone is in the forefront, which has also caused some districts and counties to follow suit and carry out the secondary transformation of “overhead line into the ground”.

The intelligent distribution network further improves the power supply reliability of the economic development zone to 99.999%, which is consistent with the world-class cities of Paris and Tokyo. Intelligent distribution network greatly shortens the time of power outage, and it is not uncommon for enterprises and communities to have no power outage for a year.

With the development of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the cables to the ground are constantly lengthening, but the overhead lines for temporary electricity are rapidly shortening. Since 2017, in order to improve the urban landscape, the Infrastructure Office of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone has cooperated with the power supply company to carry out the transformation of overhead lines into the ground. The overhead cables erected near Rongjing street, Beihuan road and Changxin garden have been transformed into the ground successively, and the overhead lines in the whole core area have been eliminated by more than 8 kilometers.

While eliminating overhead lines and improving the environment, enterprises and communities also use “safe electricity”. Among them, after the construction of Changxin Garden community, no cable line has been installed. The temporary overhead line is affected by wind, rain, sun and other factors, which will lead to power failure due to line damage. After the cable enters the ground, these factors are avoided, and a double loop network is formed. If a single substation has problems, the nearby substation will supply power immediately.

“The remaining 60 kilometers of overhead lines will also be put into the ground or standardized renovation.” The relevant person in charge of Yizhuang power supply company said that with the support of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, it is gradually pushing forward the work of putting the remaining overhead lines into the ground. With the continuous progress of the work, it will be realized that there will be no overhead lines in the whole region in a few years.

        Source: Beijing Business Daily  

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