On July 15, 2021, under the guidance of China integrated circuit design innovation alliance (icdia), by the school of integrated circuits of Tsinghua University, ZTE microelectronics, TCL Industrial Research Institute, Quanzhi technology, Ruixin microelectronics, Chang’an Automobile Research Institute, Qianhai Qijian The open NPU Innovation Alliance (onia) jointly initiated by many enterprises and institutions such as anmou technology was officially established. Mr. Wu xiongang served as the first chairman, and Professor Wei Shaojun of Tsinghua University was employed as the chief consultant, and Mr. Cheng Jinge served as the expert consultant.


At the inaugural meeting, onia also officially announced the world’s first open source neural network processor instruction set architecture (NPU ISA). This is the world’s first semiconductor technology innovation consortium dedicated to building open source NPU Isa. In the future, it will formulate, approve and maintain open source NPU isa by means of standard collaboration, set the direction for future specifications, build an intelligent computing industry ecology initiated by China and based on the world’s leading technology, and realize the continuous evolution of NPU processor innovation and intelligent computing.


The core key of the next generation of intelligent computing is to perceive and process different types of data streams in a massive, high-density and real-time manner. The computing power of intelligent computing is increasingly transferred from CPU and GPU to NPU. At present, NPU based on domain architecture (DSA) has achieved great success. In the future, with the demand of new diversified computing power stacking and multi domain computing, the next generation domain architecture – Super domain architecture (xdsa) is needed to meet the corresponding requirements and challenges, and solve the problem of fragmentation by integrating multiple domains. The technological innovation consortium of intelligent computing industry will promote the technical support of open source NPU isa for the next generation xdas.


In his speech, Mr. Wu xiongang, chairman of the technology innovation consortium of intelligent computing industry and executive chairman and CEO of anmou Technology (China) Co., Ltd., pointed out: “the NPU technology based on DSA is developing rapidly and has become the core technology in the era of intelligent computing. At present, there are a large number of NPU architectures in the industry, forming ecological fragmentation, increasing the difficulty of technological breakthrough and large-scale application. In order to accelerate technology development and application implementation, there is an urgent need for an open-source and unified NPU architecture, and to build an open, flexible, jointly constructed and shared industrial ecology around it. The establishment of the technological innovation consortium of the intelligent computing industry is to become an active practitioner relying on the open source NPU architecture to promote the great development of the intelligent computing industry. “


The open source NPU isa announced by onia is truly “China’s first and global open source”, which benefits from the excellent strength of consortium member units and industrial ecological partners in capital raising, R & D Application and ecological construction. In the future, the consortium will undertake the R & D, maintenance and promotion of the world’s first open source NPU ISA, and will help the application of this open source NPU isa with the help of the R & D and use experience of enterprises, universities, laboratories and industrial incubators in the industrial chain. As a unified, advanced and efficient practitioner of intelligent computing industry ecology in China, the consortium will support technology evolution, support industry and academia to realize community cooperation, Gather Industrial open-source ecological forces, jointly carry out research on intelligent computing industry standards, and build an intelligent computing industry ecology initiated from China and based on global leading technologies.


The organizational structure of “intelligent computing industry technology innovation Consortium” is composed of council member units, strategic members, members and community members. At present, more than 50 industry-leading enterprises, think tanks and research institutions have joined as founding members. The first batch of directors and members include: School of integrated circuits of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen ZTE Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., TCL Industrial Research Institute, Ruixin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Quanzhi Technology Co., Ltd., intelligent Research Institute of Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd., Qianhai Qijian Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., anmou Technology (China) Co., Ltd; It is estimated that by the end of 2021, the total number of various member units will exceed 100.

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