In recent years, people have been arguing about the future development of autonomous vehicle (AV). At the same time, Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, has a clear and steady vision for the future. Whether it is the early formulation of safety standards for autonomous vehicle or the vehicles that can realize autonomous driving only with cameras, Mobileye has always been a leader in the reform of autonomous driving, and will achieve significant and lasting revenue growth in the next decade. At CES 2020, Mobileye announced the latest business progress and cooperation in the fields of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and autonomous travel as a service (MAAS). At present, Mobileye’s development strategy is helping it expand its global vision and stride forward towards the goal of mobile travel service providers.

Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, is expected to become the leader in the autonomous driving industry (ARS technica): “Mobileye has neither the star aura of Elon Musk nor the ‘rich family’ of Google. However, Amnon shashua, CEO of Mobileye, pointed out at this year’s CES that the more important weapon that Mobileye has mastered is its advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) The dominant position in the market, this strategic advantage can also be seen from his description. “

Why does Mobileye, Intel’s fastest-growing business unit, gamble heavily on robotaxi (ZDNet): “two years after Intel purchased Mobileye, a autonomous vehicle technology manufacturer, for us $15billion, Intel’s autonomous vehicle business performed well, far exceeding expectations. In the next step, Mobileye will aggressively march into self driving taxis and data monetizing And further expand its business scale. “

The auto driving supplier Mobileye’s landing schedule for autonomous vehicle Answer to cost and regulation (CNBC): “Shashua believes that the more autonomous vehicle on the road in the future, the safer the road will be, because autonomous vehicle will be more like ‘old drivers’ than human drivers. He points out that the cost of autonomous driving is almost the same as our investment in public transport. When autonomous driving is fully implemented, our understanding of traffic will change dramatically.”

Mobileye has won a new order from South Korea and the global territory of self driving taxis has expanded again (techcrunch): “Mobileye announced a cooperation with Daegu City, South Korea, to test and finally deploy self driving taxi services in the city. At present, Mobileye’s strategy has gone far beyond providing automobile manufacturers with computer vision technology to support the development of ADAS.”

Unlike other manufacturers, The CEO of Mobileye stressed that the company has paid more attention to autonomous vehicle cameras than lidar (Bloomberg): “I think autonomous driving is facing two revolutions. The first revolution is to save lives, that is, the greater the proportion of autonomous vehicle on the road, the safer our travel environment will be; the second revolution is the traffic revolution, that is, to make travel better with prices comparable to public transport.”

Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, uses a pure vision solution to realize autonomous driving (Reuters): “Intel released a video showing that its autonomous vehicle, Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, drove on the streets of Jerusalem for about 20 minutes under the guidance of 12 on-board cameras. What is different from the past is that the car is not equipped with other sensors except cameras.”

Let’s take a look at how Mobileye autonomous vehicle crossed the streets of Jerusalem by camera alone: “at the CES held in Las Vegas, Mobileye demonstrated a autonomous vehicle that can walk freely through the intricate streets of Jerusalem. The car can drive automatically by camera alone.”

“VIDAR” comes out (Axios): “this week, Mobileye CEO Amnon shashua introduced ‘VIDAR’ to car fans on CES. It is understood that ‘VIDAR’ is a computer vision system, which can realize the function of lidar only by camera.

Intel is increasingly optimistic about the future of autonomous news: “this company is making great strides in the field of autonomous driving and assisted driving technology with its unique development ideas.”

Intel’s CFO talks about AMD threats, chip profits and the future of artificial intelligence (Barron’s): “Mobileye… Has excellent hardware technology and excellent software. We are increasing our investment. These investments have received a beautiful return in a short time. In the short term or in the long term, the return of Mobileye is very good.” George Davis, Intel’s chief information officer, said, “Mobileye is undoubtedly the world leader in terms of the number of orders in the field of autonomous driving at L2 and L3 levels.”

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