At the beginning of the year, Intel proposed the foveros 3D three-dimensional chip packaging technology. The first product is Lakefield, which adopts a hybrid x86 architecture.

Some hardware enthusiasts found that Lakefield appeared in the well-known benchmark performance tool 3dmark firestrike.

Lakefield frequency identification is 3.1ghz, with 5 cores. It runs on 64 bit win10 platform with lpddr4x memory.

In terms of running score, GPU score is 11xx and physics score is 52xx. What is the concept?

Intel Lakefield appeared 3dmark frequency recognition is 3.1ghz

FS is a test for 1080p scenario in 3dmark, and the pressure itself is small. After querying the database, the GPU (uhd620) score of 15W i5-8250u is about 1100 without any unique platform, but the physical score for measuring CPU performance can also get 7357, so

Of course, to explain this problem, we have to go back to Lakefield’s own architecture. Among its five cores, there is only one high-energy core, sunny Cove (the same as 10nm ice lake), and the other four are low-power atom CPU cores of 10nm process. However, the performance of nuclear display was somewhat unexpected. At that time, Lakefield was Gen 11 nuclear display, with a maximum of 64 execution units.

According to the plan, the Lakefield chip is not as big as a coin. The standby power consumption is 2MW (0.002w), and the maximum power consumption is no more than 7W. It does not need a fan and can be used for portable small devices below 11 inches.

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