In addition to the new core X Series fever desktop platform, Intel also officially launched the same origin Xeon w-2200 series workstation products, which are known as the terminal platform for professional creators in data science, visual effects, 3D rendering, complex 3D CAD, AI development, edge deployment and other professional fields.

Intel introduces Xeon w-2200 series workstation products, AI reasoning is up to 2.2 times faster than the previous generation

The Xeon w-2100 series was released exactly two years ago. It was synchronized with the first generation of core X series at that time. Now it has finally been updated and upgraded. It continues the functional features of up to 18 cores and 36 threads, 72 platform PCIe 3.0 buses, memory ECC error verification, RAS feature, VORC (CPU virtual RAID), lightning 3, aoteng SSD 905p, vPro Bray and so on.

New features include higher frequency (up from 4.5ghz to 4.8ghz), up to 1TB ddr4-2993 memory, REMAX Max 3.0, DL boost deep learning acceleration, i225 2.5GHz Ethernet network, Wi Fi 6 gig + ax200 wireless network, etc. similar to the core X series, note that the memory capacity has doubled. REMAX Max 3.0 is the first time to come to the Xeon family, but only for 8-core and higher models.

In terms of performance, AI reasoning is up to 2.2 times faster than the previous generation, up to 16.1 times faster than the workstation three years ago, 4K video editing is 11% and 97% faster respectively, 3D modeling and rendering are 10% and 2 times faster respectively, and game development and compilation are 10% and 2.1 times faster respectively.

The specific models include eight models, which are upgraded one by one with the previous generation, namely 18 core 36 thread Xeon w-2295, 14 core 28 thread Xeon w-2275, 12 core 24 thread Xeon w-2265, 10 core 20 thread Xeon w-2255, 8 core 16 thread Xeon w-2245, 6 core 12 thread Xeon w-2235, 4 core 8 thread Xeon w-2225 and 4 core 8 thread Xeon w-2223. The highest thermal design power consumption came to 165W, an increase of 25W over the previous generation.

The price was also pleasantly surprised. It was $1333, $1112, $944, $778, $667, $555, $444 and $294 respectively. The first six models were 48%, 43%, 34%, 30%, 20% and 10% lower than the previous generation respectively. The four cores of the last two models remained unchanged.

Xeon w-2200 series products will also be listed from November.

Previous generation Zhiqiang w-2100 series

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