Preparation before installation of LED buried lamp

1. The power supply must be cut off before the LED buried lamp is installed. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and the basis of safe operation.

2. Before the installation of LED buried lamps, various parts and components supporting lamps shall be sorted out first. Led buried lamp is a special landscape LED lamp buried underground. Once it is installed with less parts, it is very troublesome to reinstall it. Therefore, it should be ready before installation.

3. Before the installation of LED buried lamp, a hole shall be dug according to the shape and size of the embedded parts, and then the embedded parts shall be fixed with concrete. The embedded parts can isolate the main body of the LED buried lamp from the soil and ensure the service life of the LED buried lamp.

Installation process of LED buried lamp

1) After the embedded parts are fixed, connect the input wire of the buried lamp with the external wire (connect the phase wire, zero wire and ground wire respectively and be waterproof).

2) Fix the lamp body assembly (4) and embedded parts (5) with screws (3).

3) Then fasten the cover plate (2) on the lamp body assembly with screws (1).

4) After confirming that the above operation is correct, turn on the power supply.

Precautions for LED buried lamp installation

1. Please read this manual carefully before use.

2. Non professional technicians, please do not repair or modify this product without authorization.

3. In order to ensure the service life of the product, please do not use it in places with thick acid mist.

4. Pay attention to shockproof during installation and transportation.

5. Before installation, ensure that the installation position can bear 10 times the weight of the product, and install it in a flat place without vibration, swing and fire hazards;

6. If the lamp fails, please put the lamp in one place and send it back to our company for inspection and maintenance;

7. If the lamp body wire is found damaged, please cut off the power immediately and stop using it.

8. Waterproof problem when installing the front cover of underwater lamp after installing the light source, we must pay attention to the sequence of tightening screws and buckle them symmetrically.

9. Drainage is to put about 50cm crushed stones under each buried lamp, the larger the diameter, the better (according to your ability), and then lay 30 ~ 50cm thick sand on the stones.

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