Folding seems to be making a big comeback, thanks to smartphones like Samsung. But when you look at flip designs in the ’90s and early’ 00s, folding phones are nothing new. But the foldable camera must be fresh to you, especially when it can take 360 and 180 degree photos and videos. This is insta360 Evo.

Insta360 is already known for 360 consumer class cameras such as air, nano and one X. Insta360 Evo is slightly different because it has two shooting modes, one is full coverage of 360, and the other is to switch to stereo 180 to improve depth of field and realism.

Insta360 Evo camera takes you from 360 degree full coverage to 180 degree stereo VRS

The camera can take 5.7k 180 3D video and 18 MP 180 3D photos, as well as 5.7k 360 video and 18 MP 360 photos. There is a shutter and button on the camera. There’s also an Android and IOS compatible app that gives you complete control over the camera’s functionality and preview images. In addition, insta360 VR, a new application of oculus go, HTC vive focus and Samsung gear VR, will be launched. You can connect insta360 Evo to glasses for wireless playback.

Whether it’s recording 360 or 180 video, you need to stabilize one hand to get the best picture. Insta360 Evo has a flow stability function to ensure smooth recording in any situation. Another convenient little feature is the time transfer mode, which allows users to add delays.

In addition to all the wonderful features that insta360 already has, the company has launched the insta360 hologram frame. The device is essentially a mobile phone case that can play back 3D content directly from a smartphone without wearing glasses.

Insta360 Evo is now available for purchase from select retailers such as B & H photo video and for $419.99. Currently, the holographic camera, which costs $29.99, is suitable for iPhone x, XS, XS Max and XR models, and more will be available on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, S9, S9 + and note 8 models.


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