The fourth World Conference on intelligence is about to be held. The summit of intelligent health and medical treatment with the theme of “opportunities and challenges brought by COVID-19” will be held in the form of “cloud” meeting. Gao Chuangui, vice president of Inspur Group, chairman and CEO of Inspur health, was invited to give a keynote speech on big data helping big health, and share the practical achievements and experience of big data enabling intelligent medical construction on site.

Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, Wuqing District People’s government and Inspur health signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Relying on the health and medical big data resources and administrative functions of Tianjin Health Commission, and based on the complete big data infrastructure and industrial supporting policies of Wuqing District, Inspur Group gives full play to its advantages in technology, talent and capital, as well as the construction experience of national health and medical big data pilot, It has become an important force to promote the construction and application of Tianjin health care big data.

The three parties work together to centralize and standardize the massive and full data scattered in major medical institutions and business systems, and jointly promote the innovative application and industrial development of health care big data in Tianjin. Under the guidance of the Municipal Health Commission, Inspur health has formulated the Tianjin Health and medical big data unified database standard set, including medical business, operation business, interface technology and specifications, data dictionary, etc., to help Tianjin form a whole process supervision and protection system from data source to data export. Inspur health, as the builder and operator of Tianjin health care big data super platform, based on the data cage (IDS) technology, ensures the locking and traceability of data from the whole process of production, processing and application, so as to realize that the data is “unauthorized and unavailable”, “available and invisible, and the data is not released”.

Up to now, the construction of Tianjin health care big data center has been basically completed. The full data of 40 tertiary hospitals, 36 secondary hospitals, 15 primary hospitals and four systems directly under Tianjin Municipal Health Commission were gathered on the platform. Governance involving 133 manufacturers and 14 types of data has also been promoted simultaneously.

The centralized and standardized management of massive and full data provides more possibilities for the innovation of medical and health scenarios. Now, by opening the “healthy Tianjin” app, citizens can enter the unified reservation and registration entrance of 47 secondary and tertiary hospitals, upload the treatment data to form a full life cycle report, and realize paperless medical treatment and health management. In addition, the app also has online service functions such as electronic health code generation, intelligent guidance, home doctor signing service, medical and health resource search, health information and so on. Transparent medical experience, efficient doctor-patient communication channels and high-quality medical and health services have changed from “vision” to “reality” with the unified management and interconnection of data. The development of Tianjin’s health care industry has been further accelerated, and the pace has been accelerated towards intelligence and synergy.

Inspur helps Tianjin form a whole process supervision and protection system from data source to data export

During the period of COVID-19, the municipal health and Health Committee jointly launched the pre hospital registration system for health development, which upgraded the “electronic health code” in the “healthy Tianjin” App to the citizen’s “medical pass”, which was set up in the entrance of the major medical institutions in the city to facilitate the citizens to cross the hospital across the city, cross regional and cross system, so that there is no “epidemic prevention” and “medical service”.

In the next step, focusing on the six directions of Tianjin Health and medical big data super portal, influenza monitoring, pediatric monitoring, medical institution operation big data service and data asset supervision, taking “health Tianjin” app as the incision linking the government, residents and medical institutions, Inspur health will continue to enrich health service functions, improve citizens’ medical experience and realize “small incision and big service”, Effectively improve the service level for the convenience and benefit of the people and the people’s sense of happiness and gain.

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