Zytronic pushes the difficult projection capacitive touch technology (PCT) touch screen solutions beyond 2D. Zytronic has successfully manufactured a single axis curved PCT sensor. At present, the models on the market are 19 to over 46 inch screens. This large curved surface product provides single point, double point, or multi-point applications. The screen is suitable for rear projection systems, the latest curved LCD on the market, and even OLED displays.

Innovative 10 point touch technology, zytronic launched large surface touch sensor

The radius of the surface can be specified by the customer, and the touch screen can be designed according to the surface or concave configuration. It is expected that the surface design will be favored by game device designers because it can simulate the effect of interactive “rotating roller”. The concave screen technology will combine a variety of screen angles to create a single and perfect user interface.

Innovative 10 point touch technology, zytronic launched large surface touch sensor

Both screens create organic effects. With the interactivity of touch, they provide unlimited creative space for industrial designers, no longer limited to the size of the environment. At the same time, it also brings great development potential for advanced public information system, digital electronic Kanban system and the next generation of retail automata, such as customer unit point of sale information system (POS).

“This is the first time that large-scale screens have been successfully equipped with seismic 10 point touch and curved touch screens, and placed in unsupervised or outdoor locations, highlighting the growing demand for more sophisticated intelligent and user-friendly machine interaction in these industries.” Ian Crosby, director of business marketing at zytronic, said“ This solution represents that engineers will no longer be limited to a single plane user interface deployment, and can create ergonomic curved touch design to meet the growing demand of portable consumer products such as Samsung nexus s and Nokia N9 smart phones. “


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