Recently, in the actual measurement of a security head customer, Kuxin microelectronics ar9341 solved the pain points of poor image quality, insufficient computing power and poor use of AI tool chain faced by AI visual applications one by one from the key factors such as clarity, energy efficiency ratio and comprehensive processing ability, filling the gap of domestic high-end visual chips and achieving the leading level in the industry. In this regard, Shen Bo, co-founder and CTO of Kuxin microelectronics, said:

“As intelligent vision enters thousands of industries, security, machine vision, vehicle and other fields are rapidly upgrading from non intelligent to intelligent. The market has an urgent demand for high-performance and low-power visual AI chips. Kuxin ar9341 has been officially launched after two years after deeply understanding the needs of many leading customers in the industry.”

“Self developed high performance image processor (ISP)”

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“Self developed high energy efficiency NPU surging computing power support”


“Widely used, rapid and flexible deployment”

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As a professional chip design company, we focus on providing chip and chip solutions. Talking about application scenarios, Shen Bo said:

“At present, the demand for medium and high-end visual AI chips in the market is very urgent, and the launch of ar9341 can be said to be at the right time. As Kuxin’s second generation ultra-high definition visual AI chip, ar9341 is suitable for high-end intelligent IPC, vehicle assisted driving, edge computing box, intelligent robot, etc.”

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