Sds6000 Pro Series high-resolution and high bandwidth digital oscilloscope launched by dingyang technology, as the first domestic and the third 12bit high-resolution and 2GHz bandwidth oscilloscope in the world, has successfully won the “2021 6th China IOT Technology Innovation Award” with its innovative technology and excellent performance!

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About China IOT Innovation Award

As the most professional and influential industry award in China’s IOT industry, China IOT innovation award aims to identify and commend enterprises and leaders with innovative spirit and outstanding contributions in the IOT industry, encourage more excellent product innovation and empower the prosperity and development of China’s IOT industry.

Sds6000 Pro Series high resolution digital oscilloscope


The product sds6000 Pro Series digital oscilloscope, which won this award, was launched by dingyang technology in 2020 – the third digital oscilloscope in the world and the first digital oscilloscope in China with 12 bit high resolution and 2GHz bandwidth. It has been widely praised by users for its multi-function, wide application and excellent experience. Its launch marks the development of domestic oscilloscopes to higher bandwidth Higher resolution targets have made a breakthrough! This oscilloscope has:

12 bit high resolution

Clearer waveforms, more signal details and more accurate waveform measurement can be easily observed.

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Up to 2GHz bandwidth with higher sampling rate

The sds6000 pro with 2GHz bandwidth further reduces the rise time of the oscilloscope to 235ps, and can measure signals with shorter rise time.

Multifunctional and widely used

It has an innovative digital trigger system, supports rich intelligent trigger, serial bus trigger and decoding, supports advanced analysis modes such as search, navigation, Bode diagram, power analysis, jitter and eye diagram analysis, and has rich measurement and mathematical operation functions. It can be widely used in engineers’ measurement, testing and R & D.

Jitter and eye pattern analysis

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Serial protocol triggerAnd decoding

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Power analysis

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Powerful measurement function and data analysis and processing ability

More than 50 parameters can be measured, including horizontal, vertical, inter channel delay and mixed measurement, and 12 different parameters can be measured and counted at the same time; Through the hardware accelerated FFT function, it supports 8m point FFT spectrum analysis, 4 independent math waveforms, more than 20 common mathematical operations, etc.

At this stage, as a national basic and strategic emerging industry, general electronic testing and measuring instruments will usher in a new round of high-speed growth opportunity. The sds6000 Pro Series oscilloscope of dingyang technology won this IOT Technology Innovation Award, which is the industry’s full praise for dingyang technology’s continuous deep cultivation and excellent contribution in the field of testing and measurement, and also a strong affirmation of dingyang technology’s product strength and technological innovation ability!

In the future, relying on the blue ocean prospect of industry growth and the company’s advantageous position, dingyang technology will adhere to innovation driven development, continue to build high-quality innovative products, make great strides on the road of becoming the most innovative industry leading enterprise, continue to promote the technological progress of the industry with excellent R & D strength, and open up a broader space for the development of the industry!

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