Yiding international InnoDisk, a global industrial control storage company, released a new heavyweight super flame-resistant solid-state hard disk fire shield SSD on Computex. After years of testing and development, the fire shield SSD adopts a data protection system close to the “black box” level of the aircraft, which can be directly burned at 800 ° C for 30 minutes and maintain 100% data retention, It has obtained product patents from the United States and Taiwan this year and is expected to be widely used in the transportation and vehicle markets in the future.

The super flame-resistant fire shield SSD recently released by Yiding international InnoDisk has obtained a patent from the United States and Taiwan, which can block the high temperature above 800 degrees and maintain 100% complete data retention.

According to the research, there are more than 400 traffic accidents caused by vehicle fire in the United States every year. However, at present, most vehicles have no relevant products for data fire protection, especially for the mass transportation system, the demand for post disaster preservation of internal data can not be delayed. In view of this, Yiding has developed a high temperature resistant solid-state hard disk fire shield SSD?, Borrowing the technical concept of aircraft black box in the past, the three-layer fire-proof structural design, including copper alloy and a variety of fire-proof materials, can ensure the effective isolation of the internal and external temperature of the equipment. At the same time, it is supplemented by data protection firmware technology to avoid the impact of high-temperature environment. In the future, installation in mobile vehicles and public transport will be more conducive to investigating the cause of the accident.

In order to simulate high-temperature environmental conditions and test the reliability of SSD storage equipment, Yiding directly burns at 1472 ° f (800 ° C) for more than 30 minutes to achieve 100% data retention. In addition to fire protection, fire shield SSD? It also has the performance of shockproof and high-efficiency products, and adopts the appearance design of 3.5 “hard disk and SLC and islc solutions. It has received a warm response after being exhibited at this year’s Taipei International Computer Exhibition.


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