The mobile phone consumer usage survey shows that the number of speakers has increased by 40% over the past few years as more people have been working in home and sharing information on social media during COVID-19.

According to a survey commissioned by Cirrus logic and sarinsight, the increase of video calls, sharing of social media content or simply creating a better atmosphere are the main factors driving consumers’ desire for better audio quality.

Austin, Texas, March 26, 2021: according to a global survey commissioned by Cirrus logic (NASDAQ: crus), consumers are increasingly using smart phone speakers to watch and share videos on social media, make video calls and listen to podcasts or music when dealing with multiple tasks. Respondents said that the main reasons for the increasing use of speaker mode in the past 12 months were the demand for convenience, multi tasking or listening to music, podcasts, audio books and creating a good atmosphere. This in turn drives consumers’ desire to improve the audio performance of mobile devices and may affect their future purchase decisions.

The survey, conducted in five countries, China, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea, asked participants how they used their mobile phones, when they used speaker mode, and the role of audio performance in today’s applications that rely heavily on video and audio. According to the survey of 1722 respondents aged 18 to 65, 40% of them have increased their use of speaker mode in enjoying audio content in the past year. Young people, especially in China, are driving this growth across the board. In China, 46% of respondents said they increased their use of smartphone speakers.

PeterCooney, founder and research director of SARInsight, said: “many people are working in COVID-19 during home office, using mobile phone’s loudspeaker mode to do multitasking or to keep in touch with family and friends. The epidemic has led to the emergence of different use scenarios, especially for young people aged 18 to 34, who rely more on smart phone applications that need better audio. We expect this situation to continue in the post epidemic era. “

Although consumers still use mobile phones to make calls, more extensive applications such as listening to music, podcasts and audio books, watching movies or sharing video content and playing games are equally important to their daily lives. Consumers use speaker mode to send and receive voice messages, while young people (18-34 years old) are more likely to play games, watch videos or share content through speakers. 34% of the respondents said they only used the speaker mode to create a good atmosphere. In the United States and Germany, 53% and 57% of respondents said convenience was the primary reason for using speaker mode in video and teleconference.

China leads the world in the use of mobile devices. 78% of people like to share social media videos and content in speaker mode, and more than half of them say they use speaker mode to create a good atmosphere, especially in games. South Korea followed suit, with 67% of people sharing social content with friends and relatives in the speaker mode. Almost half of people prefer to do other things when talking on the phone.

The influence of audio quality on purchasing decision is increasing day by day

Globally, respondents agreed that the importance of audio in their mobile device purchase decisions is increasing. In particular, Chinese respondents said they would like to have better audio speakers. 72% of them said that audio has become more and more important in the process of deciding to buy smart phones, and 62% of Chinese users said they are satisfied with the sound of existing smart phone speakers.

Respondents also cited other reasons for using speaker mode on mobile phones, such as exercise, online learning, dance practice or karaoke, online research or inability to hear each other clearly in handset mode. Worrying about disturbing others, saving power or poor audio / speaker quality are the main considerations for not using speaker mode.

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The latest cirrus logic cs35l45 intelligent power amplifier is designed to meet the needs of consumers for better audio performance through smart phone speakers, while maintaining battery life, so as to make it easier for consumers to purchase smart phones in the future.

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