[Munich, Germany, January 13, 2022] Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / otcqx: ifnny) recently released its fifth generation CapSense ™ Capacitive and inductive touch sensing human machine interface (HMI) technology. New generation CapSense solution integrated into PSoC ™ Microcontroller can provide stronger performance and lower power consumption for demanding user interfaces such as home appliances, industrial, consumer and Internet of things products. The enhanced HMI improves the detection range, gesture detection and directivity functions, and adds the hover detection function for the future advanced touch screen, which can realize advanced solutions such as short-range sensing.

The performance of the new generation of CapSense technology is ten times that of the previous generations, and the power consumption is only one tenth of that of the previous generations. It not only supports engineers to develop a more intuitive user interface and reduce the overall power consumption, but also meets the low power consumption requirements of portable battery powered Internet of things devices. The new CapSense is an ideal choice for smart door locks, smart switches, thermostats, smart speakers, power tools, industrial touch screens and other household appliances, industrial applications and other Internet of things devices. The new technology is also very suitable for industrial and household electrical products such as induction cooker, washing machine and dryer, refrigerator and oven with large touch screen.

Steve tateosian, vice president of Infineon’s Internet of things computing and wireless business unit, said: “As a leader in capacitive touch sensing technology with a shipment of nearly 4 billion, we are pleased to provide designers with the fifth generation CapSense technology. The new generation CapSense technology integrates our existing leading technology and adopts a new ratio and differential sensing architecture, which can provide better noise resistance and powerful and reliable HMI solutions, even in extreme power supply noise and extreme weather And temperature. “

Infineon’s CapSense patented technology helps engineers develop more advanced man-machine interfaces for future equipment, which can meet the needs of various touch sensitive user interfaces. With ultra-low power consumption and strong adaptability to smaller devices, this technology is also an ideal choice for touch interfaces of wearable devices, wearable devices and intelligent Internet of things applications. The new generation of CapSense technology improves the detection range, gesture detection and pressure sensing functions, and can realize advanced HMI solutions such as short-range sensing. The technology also adopts a new autonomous sensing mode without CPU operation, which can greatly reduce the power consumption, while the new ratio sensing architecture and differential signal path improve the anti noise ability and performance.

About Infineon CapSense Technology

When users use the Infineon CapSense capacitive touch sensor interface, their fingers form an electrical connection with the embedded sensor on the interface. The sensor works with PSoC equipment to convert the data about finger position into various system control functions. A PSoC device can replace dozens of mechanical switches and controls with simple touch sensitive control. “Key” and slider controls based on CapSense are not as vulnerable to environmental wear as mechanical keys and switches, so they are more reliable than traditional key control. For more information, visit https://www.cypress.com/products/capsense-controllers 。


Infineon PSoC 4 equipment integrates the fifth generation CapSense capacitive sensing HMI technology. At present, it can be used by major customers and supports modustoolbox ™。

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