The combination of AI and IOT is called “artificial intelligence internet of things” (aiot). Aiot can enable interconnected devices to have machine learning ability to perform complex intelligent operations. According to the data of markets and markets, the market scale of aiot is US $5.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to US $16.2 billion by 2024, reaching a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26%. Among the latest measures to accelerate the development of differentiated aiot products, Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / otcqx: ifnny) recently announced the launch of modustoolbox ™ Ml (machine learning), making Infineon PSoC ™ Microcontroller (MCU) has the function of deep learning.

Modustoolbox ml is a new function based on modustoolbox software, which can provide developers with middleware, software library and special tools required by ML model based on deep learning. Ml can be seamlessly integrated with the existing software framework in modustoolbox and easily integrated into a secure aiot system. This rich tool suite can provide streamlined machine learning model deployment workflow, so as to help developers launch high-quality products to the market more efficiently and quickly.

Modustoolbox ml allows developers to deploy directly to PSoC MCU using their preferred deep learning framework (such as tensorflow). In addition, ml can help engineers optimize the model of embedded platform, reduce the complexity of the platform, and provide performance verification based on test data.

Steve tateosian, vice president of Infineon’s Internet of things computing and wireless business, said: “with the expansion of the Internet of things market, the amount of edge data is also growing rapidly. Aiot enabled by tinyml came into being, so that these edge data can be processed locally, protect data privacy and reduce delay, so as to improve the overall reliability of the system. Modustoolbox bridges an important gap between machine learning and embedded system design. It provides a flexible tool and module library that can easily optimize, verify and deploy the deep learning model of common software training framework on Infineon ultra-low power microcontroller. “

Modustoolbox ml can reduce the complexity of system developers developing aiot applications and bring unparalleled use experience to developers. These applications often require seamless integration of machine learning load, computing, connectivity and cloud processing capabilities, which is where modustoolbox ml comes in.


ClickhereModustoolbox can be downloaded.

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