[Munich, Germany, April 19, 2022] Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) today announced the launch of a complete power management solution for Intel Sapphire Rapids processor (CPU)-based Compute server provides support. The new solution in "surface mount" technology integrates a variety of Infineon power management devices and technologies, including XDP™ digital multiphase controllers, OptiMOS™ integrated power stage devices and OptiMOS IPOL regulators, capable of It provides excellent power efficiency and excellent performance, which helps to fully tap the energy saving potential of data centers and promote green and low-carbon development.

Rakesh Renganathan, Marketing Director, Power and Sensing Systems Division, Infineon Technologies, said: "These power management solutions integrate Infineon's software-defined digital multiphase controllers, state-of-the-art integrated power stage devices and POL converters. Improve energy efficiency and achieve superior system performance. With its leading technology, Infineon provides customers with greater flexibility in system design, allowing them to maximize performance according to different workloads and system architectures. We are pleased Bringing this new solution to market further accelerates the global digitalization process."

The XDPE152 series ultra-transient phase controllers (XDPE15284D, XDPE15254D, XDPE152C4D) are equipped with an ultra-low-power Arm® Cortex®-M0 core, which maximizes flexibility and performance according to different workloads and achieves ultra-fast dynamic load response . The current mode with Infineon's proprietary control algorithm requires only a minimum output capacitance to effectively control the peak pulse current of the processor, resulting in ultra-high-speed response. Not only that, but software-defined architectures provide system designers with unique flexibility to optimize system performance for different system architectures and processor workloads.

The TDA215xx series of OptiMOS integrated power stage devices utilize the industry-leading OptiMOS 6 technology to provide excellent power efficiency (>95%) and reliability (maximum input voltage of 25V), thereby significantly reducing system cooling and maintenance costs.

The OptiMOS IPOL TDA38640 digital voltage converter uses Infineon's proprietary fast constant-on-time (COT) control engine for excellent transient response. It works with Intel Design Specification compliant SVID and PMBus interfaces and also provides enhanced digital telemetry.


Infineon's complete solutions for data centers, including XDP ultra-transient phase controllers, OptiMOS integrated power stage devices and IPOL switching converters, are now available. For more information on these devices, please follow the corresponding links in the text to visit the relevant pages.

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