[Munich, Germany, January 4, 2021] Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / otcqx: ifnny) launched a new eicedriver ™ 2edl8 gate drive IC product series to meet the growing demand of mobile network infrastructure DC-DC Telecom brick. These dual channel isolated gate driver ICs can provide high power density, high efficiency and durability for isolated DC-DC Buck Converters / Telecom bricks, and help build macro base stations for 5g and LTE telecom infrastructure.

The new 2edl8 series consists of four versions with two different pull-up currents and two different input configurations. The 3A (ampere) version is suitable for retrofit design, while the industry-leading 4a (ampere) version is suitable for reducing MOSFET switch loss.

The two channels of 2edl802x can operate independently. It is an ideal choice for reducing freewheeling loss of primary diagonal drive full bridge rectifier and secondary synchronous rectifier. 2edl812x adopts differential input structure and built-in shot through protection, which is the perfect choice for off diagonal primary half bridge stage of DC-DC brick converter.

2edl8 has integrated 120V bootstrap diode and accurate channel to channel propagation delay matching (typical value) ± 2ns)。 All products of this series adopt industry standard pg-vdson-8 leadless package and pin out.

Supply situation

All four product versions of the eicedriver2edl series are now available.

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