[Munich, Germany, December 1, 2021] with the continuous improvement of electrification and connectivity, cars are facing higher risk of network attack, which may cause serious consequences. Therefore, it is very important for automobile manufacturers to provide adequate protection for telematics data. To this end, Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (fse:ifx / otcqx:ifnny) launched sli37 vehicle safety controller: This is an easy to design and reliable trust anchor, which can escort safety critical automotive applications, such as 5g ready euicc (eCall), v2x communication, vehicle access or SOTA update.

With its unique and robust chip design, sli37 can provide a wider operating temperature range and has a service life of up to 17 years. Its quality is the industry standard, the failure rate is extremely low, and it is suitable for a variety of applications, which is its biggest advantage. Therefore, OEM manufacturers can quickly complete product design by focusing on the certification of this chip.

Infineon’s SLI series has been applied to more than 100million ESIM cards, proving its reliability. Today, it also provides all vehicle specification level certifications required by the industry, including CC eal 6+ and aec-q100. In addition to Infineon’s long-term supply commitment and quality support, SLI series will help the automotive industry avoid safety risks when building the next generation of connected vehicles.


The sli37 vehicle safety controller can now be ordered.


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