[January 12, 2022, Munich, Germany and Vancouver, Canada] Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / otcqx: ifnny) recently announced that it has cooperated with picovoice to jointly develop an end-to-end intelligent voice platform and introduce voice AI into edge devices. For this cooperation, both parties will adopt Infineon’s PSoC ™ 6 series microcontrollers (MCU) realize intelligent voice interaction solutions in ultra-low power Internet of things devices. This provides more options for developers to evaluate and deploy the voice wake-up and semantic recognition functions of PSoC 6 products. The cooperation between the two sides creates a new possibility for the built-in AI voice technology in terminal applications such as smart home and smart wearable devices by adopting low-power PSoC 6 MCU and complete Internet of things connection technology.

Picovoice platform creates a precise and private voice interaction interface, which can be easily used with existing Infineon PSoC 6 solutions, including airoc ™ Wi-Fi ®、 Low power CapSense ™ Seamless pairing between touch interface and cloud connection. Xensiv of Infineon ™ MEMS microphone is an industry leader in high sound quality pickup. It has extremely low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), wide dynamic range, low distortion and high sound overload point in the industry. All these characteristics and functions are integrated into the platform.

The cooperation with picovoice has further expanded Infineon’s machine learning and artificial intelligence ecosystem. Because system developers using PSoC 6 can add new voice functions to innovative Internet of things applications. Developers can now use the PSoC 6 pioneer development kit and IOT sense expansion shield, and can register for a picovoice trial account for free. In addition, they can use Infineon’s proven modustoolbox ™ Tools execute code examples to bring differentiated smart homes and wearable devices to market.

Infineon technology, Internet of things Steven tateosian, vice president of computing and wireless business, said: “We focus on providing developers with a system solution based approach to developing edge smart devices. Working with picovoice can provide system developers with more choices to help them develop a different generation of products by taking advantage of the unique features and functions of PSoC 6. We are happy to work with picovoice with our proven modustoolbox software and Tool platform to introduce built-in AI voice technology into Internet of things applications such as smart home and wearable devices. “

Alireza kenarsari anhari, CEO of picovoice, said: “We have a very unique built-in speech recognition technology, which consumes very little resources and can operate freely even on the microcontroller. Infineon’s PSoC 6 is a powerful and cost-effective product, which is really exciting. We are pleased to further improve the customer experience and provide opportunities for Internet of things innovators through our cooperation with Infineon Provide the required tools. “

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