[August 20, 2020, Munich, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden] biometric payment card integrated with fingerprint sensor makes contactless payment more convenient, safe and hygienic. The contactless payment card is always in the hands of the cardholder in the whole process of payment transaction, and even large amount payment does not need to input pin code or signature to authorize. Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / otcqx: ifnny) and fingerprint cards AB (hereinafter referred to as fingerprints, sto: fin-b) work together to achieve the large-scale deployment of this new solution.

The global leader in the field of contactless payment security controller and fingerprint sensor (including related software) aims to provide biometric semiconductor solutions for card printing companies, making integrated design particularly cost-effective and scalable. Fingerprint information is stored in the embedded security components of the card, and is not shared with any third party, so as to protect the user’s credentials.

Infineon Technology

Bjoern scharfen, head of Infineon’s payment and transportation ticketing product line, said: “in terms of user experience, data security and health, authorizing payments without the need for a card is a big step forward. We chose to work with fingerprints because they are leading providers of biometric chips and technologies and have excellent market performance. We hope to jointly promote the industrialization of biometric payment cards and let them enter the mass market from the niche market. Combining fingerprint’s leading biometric technology with our expertise in chip security, energy efficiency and contactless performance, we will develop a system solution that is easy to integrate and help our customers to take the lead in emerging growth markets. “

“Collaboration is the key to the payment ecosystem, and Infineon is the leader in this area,” said Michel Roig, senior vice president of payment and access business line at fingerprints. We will jointly launch an optimized solution to make it easier for card makers to integrate biometric technology into future generations of contactless payment cards, and ultimately deliver these payment cards to global consumers to enjoy the worry free payment experience. “

The sensor module of fingerprints combined with Infineon is based on 32-bit arm? Securcore? SC300 Gamma The 40 nm high performance energy-saving security controller can fully meet the requirements of biometric payment card. They can achieve:

·The fingerprint image is matched in the security controller which stores the special data safely

·Despite the need to increase power, it still has excellent non-contact performance

·Convenient and reliable registration of sensitive biometric data in cards

Around the world, almost one out of every two payment chip cards carries Infineon security controller. In addition, Infineon also provides chip solutions for large-scale biometric card projects and pilot projects in 2020.

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