[January 10, 2022, Munich, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel] Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / otcqx: ifnny) and deeyook announced that they would jointly launch a positioning solution. Deeyook mainly provides location-as-a-service (LAAS) business. It has developed an award-winning location tracking solution to determine the indoor and outdoor location of items, equipment and personnel, and obtained a patent. The two companies work together to integrate deeyook’s ultra-high-precision innovative algorithm into Infineon’s leading low-power airoc ™ Wi-Fi ® In the product portfolio, a precise, passive, efficient and universal positioning solution is developed.

Deeyook redefines indoor / outdoor positioning technology through the innovation of wireless signal processing, so that it can support the firmware version of existing Wi Fi / 4G / 5G modems. The firmware can measure the transmission angle of radio waves (DF), which is the first in the field of commercial wireless position tracking. Deeyook’s positioning function is very accurate. It can use 1.7 billion wireless access points around the world for positioning, with an accuracy of 10 cm / 4 inches.

Gideon rottem, CEO and co-founder of deeyook, said: “Enterprises will encounter many challenges in the process of deploying real-time positioning systems, mainly because positioning solutions such as RFID are not universal. GPS itself has many shortcomings, which is particularly prominent. We created deeyook to meet these challenges and adopt this universal technology to deal with objects indoors, outdoors and even in bad weather conditions Accurate positioning of products. Infineon is a leader in the Internet of things market. Its airoc Wi Fi product portfolio has the characteristics of reliability and low power consumption. We are glad that the two sides can reach cooperation. “

Infineon technology, Internet of things Sivaram trikutam, senior director of computing and wireless business, said: “Infineon’s mission is to use our innovative semiconductor technology to help build intelligent connected devices and make the world more convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. These new Internet of things solutions support a variety of location tracking technologies. Previously, Wi Fi was considered unsuitable due to high power consumption, and the real-time positioning system (RTLS) deployment also requires enterprises to use customized solutions, equip high infrastructure and spend a lot of engineering and labor costs for installation. “

Deeyook’s solution paves the way for solving the above problems. These solutions are built into the new generation of chip firmware, making it possible to become a leader in the RTLS market. Through this cooperation, Infineon will further consolidate its leading position in the industry. As a core supplier of industrial 4.0 solutions, Infineon will continue to serve the global leader.


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