[Munich, Germany, December 15, 2021] – in today’s digital age, the importance of confirming national citizenship in an efficient way is becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, electronic identity card (EID) has generally become the main legal document used to prove personal legal identity in various countries. The electronic ID card can not only easily assist the holder to complete the identification, but also further expand its function to online authentication, simplify the verification process of the holder when accessing e-government and welfare, and reduce the long queue procedures of the holder who needs to go to the government agency in person. This is a highly recognized advantage during the epidemic.

In Vietnam, this advanced electronic ID card is becoming a reality: a more powerful Vietnamese electronic ID card launched by Infineon technology in cooperation with MK smart, a subsidiary of MK group, to enhance the functions of the existing Vietnamese ID card. The chips and operating systems jointly supplied by the two sides can safely store ICAO e-ID data and information, and ensure that the holder can use encrypted biometrics and digital signatures to achieve secure access to citizen services on government and private portals. In addition, the holder can also use the certificate for identity verification in government agencies and banks. Infineon’s latest 40nm slc37 safety controller and innovative dual interface coupling packaging technology provide assistance for the realization of the above functions.

The coupling packaging technology enables the chip module to communicate directly with the card antenna by RF. Through the coupling mode, the chip module will not need to use a physical link to fix with the card antenna. This technology greatly simplifies the card production process of MK smart and reduces the large amount of capital investment required for fusion welding and brazing equipment. Coupling packaging technology can effectively avoid the fracture risk of chip and card antenna under physical link, increase the durability of card, and reduce the failure rate in the process of card production. MK smart was therefore able to achieve the production target within the time set by the Vietnamese government.

In the direction of license research and development, large memory and dual interface are two mainstream trends. Therefore, slc37 can provide good support for the development and expansion of dual ID card technology in Vietnam in the future. With the development and support of MK’s operating system in Vietnam, the government and private enterprises will have a more convenient and rapid mode to launch new applications to expand the use scenario of Vietnam’s electronic ID card.

As the next fast-growing market in ASEAN, Vietnam’s electronic ID card project provides case reserves for Infineon to develop and expand its expertise in application fields such as payment, transportation and safe smart city solutions. Infineon has rich cooperation experience with local leading enterprises in all regions of the world. Relying on its own professional knowledge and fully understanding its needs, Infineon provides strong support to customers who develop local content based on the most advanced security chips. Click here to get more information about slc37 safety controller.


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