At the just concluded elexcon 2019 Shenzhen International Electronic Exhibition, many local MCU manufacturers competed to present themselves as a beautiful landscape in the embedded field, such as Huada semiconductor, Xinhai Technology, Saiyuan micro, smart microelectronics, Hangshun chip, national technology, Xinwang micro and saiteng micro… We talked about the national technology of new entrants before — see “push 30 + new MCU products in one go!”! National technology MCU officially announced! 》I talked about hard core technology man Huada semiconductor. For details, please refer to “half conductor of China – hard core technology man in local MCU”. Today, we talk about Shenzhen Hangshun chip technology research and Development Co., Ltd., a MCU manufacturer integrating the qualities of Zhangjiang and Huaqiangbei.

As soon as I came to Hang Shun’s booth, I was shocked by its domineering slogan! Hangshun will incubate 100 + original MCU plants in special field? What’s the situation? Doesn’t Hang Shun have its own MCU? Is it design service or ODM?

“We have excellent MCU products in Hangshun, and the reliability is very high. It has been used in various commercial aircraft in batches. In addition, the ultra-low power consumption is also very good. We want to become a MCU platform, and output such good MCU products through customized services!” Liu Jiping, founder and CEO of AVIC Shun, stressed in an interview that “AVIC Shun has recently obtained a huge investment led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in addition, AVIC Shun has also obtained the endorsement of China aviation industry group. The Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to invest in us after investigating a large number of MCU manufacturers.” On the official website of Hangshun (www.hsxp-hk. Com), there are huge advertisements about this investment.

According to him, Shenzhen Hangshun chip technology research and Development Co., Ltd. was founded at the end of 2013. It has an excellent MCU design team with core management personnel from famous companies such as microchip, Risa, and the general assembly of the United States. The core members of CPU MCU / DSP / CPU research and development are composed of the original team members from the original Fujitsu Design Department of Japan. At present, the company has mass produced more than 200 products of 11 series of ARM core 32-bit microprocessors.

It is reported that Hangshun’s chip reliability is ultra-low power consumption, dominant frequency and resource performance. For example, the following m3 MCU has higher efficiency and reliability than most of the similar m3m4 products at home and abroad in the same application software.

And this chip is used for its high reliability to be widely used in Zhuhai AVIC Tongfei amphibious commercial aircraft, fire fighting commercial aircraft, and water rescue aircraft, which he said is one of the important reasons to attract the only private chip enterprise invested by AVIC.

“Other manufacturers use M4 core to replace m3 market downward, m3 core to replace M0 market, and Hangshun uses m3 core to replace M4 market upward, which exceeds M4 core index in all aspects, especially efficiency. Hangshun will release new products at the annual conference at the beginning of 2020, with on-site demonstration running away points, which can hang all m3m4 similar products of the same industry!” He proudly said, “this demonstration is still in the premise of perfect reliability and dynamic power consumption! We use M0 to replace 8-bit 16 bit MCU downward. With perfect reliability, the main frequency is higher, the power consumption is lower, and the price is lower than that of 8-bit 16 bit MCU in the middle and high end! Just dry the price to $0.1! We can still make money because our supply chain and design are well done! “

The price of $0.1 is really shocking. After I sent wechat the day before yesterday, it shocked the industry. Many people said they couldn’t believe it. Liu Jiping said that Hangshun adopts the side strategy of up and down two pipes. In addition to the high-rise application, there are also a large number of ultra-low power consumption applications in water meters and gas meters. “President Zhang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said:” we visited most MCU enterprises in China, and finally decided to invest in Hangshun MCU. We only invested in the research and found that the strength of domestic R & D is the first! ” A private enterprise from the consumer so grounded $0.1 to a variety of commercial aircraft and high-end industrial control and white appliance applications, such a hard core team in the industry has never heard of! Hangshun is not only able to make low-cost goods, low-cost goods are just more appropriate consumer electronics. With Hangshun’s strong R & D strength and high reliability and inclusive consumer electronics, high reliability and ultra-high technology R & D strength can be endorsed by the two Chinese characters strategy of CAAC. This boast cannot be blown out. We just want to break the doubt and choose such a strategic partner! ” He stressed.

According to him, Hangshun’s general MCU family based on arm Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 cores – super stable performance, ultra-low power consumption, excellent compatibility (software, hardware and development tools are fully compatible with friends), super cost performance and memory EEPROM family, which has been put into mass use in commercial aircraft, automotive electronics, high-end industry, smart home appliances, consumer electronics, smart city and smart home Housing, intelligent agriculture, etc. Its ultra-low energy consumption processor also passed and obtained alicloud lot technology certification. It is also the first company in China to pass the aec-q100 vehicle gauge test.

I noticed that there was a display of OBD vehicle diagnosis system in Hangshun.

Liu Jiping said that Hangshun’s goal is to strive to build China’s independent and controllable MCU / SOC unicorn in the shortest time.

01 speech recognition scheme has been adopted by white appliance manufacturers

In the next three years, almost 100 white household appliances in China will be introduced with speech recognition function. While other manufacturers are still looking for solutions, Hangshun’s solution has entered the main white household appliance manufacturers. I also saw several speech recognition solutions on the spot, which is a demonstration of a large factory’s range hood.

There is also Huawei’s remote control at the scene. It seems that Hang Shun has entered Huawei’s system.

Liu Jiping said that at present, the main products of Hangshun are MCU and EEPROM. The sales volume of MCU products is expected to exceed 100 million this year, and EEPROM will exceed 50 million! “I thought that NOR flash would gradually replace EEPROM, but now some 8-bit MCU applications need 1 million erasures. It’s perfect to match our EEPROM, so the demand for EEPROM has skyrocketed.”

02 the fusion of Zhangjiang and Huaqiangbei

Many people think that Liu Jiping started from Huaqiangbei. Before that, he had worked in Zhangjiang for 9 years in IC design, solution development and agency entrepreneurship. “Hangshun team introduced Liu always to work in sales and FAE in mirochep, USA, and Holtek, Taiwan, in Xuhui District, Shanghai from 2001 to 2005. From 2005 to 2010, he started to research and develop power chips in Zhangjiang hi tech, Shanghai. From 2010 to 2015, in order to be closer to customers, he moved Move to Shenzhen to research and develop EEPROM memory, and transform from 2015 to now to research and develop 32-bit MCU / SOC. My strategic layout is to be China’s Ti, but not like ti’s boundless ecological enterprise! ” The first of our three strategies, 100 + MCU, has delivered 23 customized factories, and nearly 100 are under negotiation. The Jiangxi veteran, who combines the characteristics of Zhangjiang and Huaqiangbei, said confidently.

Jiangxi is located in the central part of China. It has always respected the imperial examination culture. The Bailudong academy, one of the two most famous academies in China’s history, is located in Jiangxi, while Jiangxi, one of the eight great academies in Tang and Song Dynasties, has three. In ancient times, Jiangxi’s economy was one of the most developed places in China, many of which were rich in agriculture and mulberry. This kind of “land of fish and rice” had no worries

Life makes Jiangxi people not have a strong sense of independent business, but also creates today’s Jiangxi people’s hard-working and pragmatic, lack of impact, and no struggle with the world’s mean mentality.

However, from Liu Jiping, an old Jiangxi watch, he did integrate the shrewdness of Shanghainese with the hard work of Cantonese. “In 2015, he transformed himself into a MCU, and spent four years to invest 200 million yuan of wealth, freedom and his own house in research and development. He was not moved by money, and what he could buy with money was the cheapest, and the money was not worth mentioning. However, after several years of hard work, he got it in 2018 In the second half of 2019, AVIC group’s strategic investment won the joint leading investment of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Municipal Government Industrial Fund, which is the recognition of our R & D strength and incubation of 100 + MCU original factory to create a strong MCU boundless ecology. ” He stressed that “as the MCU platform built by China’s top R & D team, Hangshun wants to incubate the original 100 + MCU factory, a magic post-80s generation with 20 years of semiconductor experience, know technology, market, ecology, product definition, finance and strategy and never give up.”

Hang Shun team quietly told me that after President Liu was rated as “the top ten star entrepreneurs of technological innovation in Shenzhen in 2018”, he was again rated as “the top ten young entrepreneurs of Shenzhen in the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China” in 2019!

Come on, after 80’s Liu Jiping! Carry forward MCU! (end)

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