Nowadays, it is possible to sweep your face through the door ban, clock in to and from work, airport security check and so on. As an important identification, face recognition is not only applied in daily life. It plays an important role in all kinds of police business of public security organs. In daily patrol, registered residence investigation, immigration management and criminal case investigation, the identity of the relevant personnel will be verified through identifying faces. At the same time, in the criminal case investigation video, due to a large number of video recordings, a lot of time and police force are wasted. The structured cloud recognition storage management of face recognition system can improve the efficiency of police practice, combined with other case clues, and improve the practical ability of public security.

With the acceleration of smart city construction and the maturity of big data and artificial intelligence, face recognition technology has ushered in an explosive period. So, what are the applications of face recognition in the field of security?

Pedestrians run red lights and enter the era of “face brushing”

We all know that the bad habit of pedestrians running the red light is difficult to control. For a long time, pedestrians cross the street at will without following the traffic light instructions, disturbing the normal traffic order, aggravating the traffic congestion in the city to a certain extent and bringing hidden dangers of accidents. Some data show that 53% of fatal traffic accidents are caused by pedestrians and non motor vehicles crossing the road and running the red light.

Face recognition technology adds a protective lock to children

We often see such videos on the Internet: “don’t open the door to strangers at home”, “don’t eat what strangers give” and so on to teach children to improve their safety awareness. Facts have proved that such education is useless to most children. Although China’s relevant departments have made every effort to crack down, child abduction and trafficking still occur from time to time. Child abduction and trafficking is not only a kind of harm to children, but also a blow to families! It has seriously affected social order.

In order to protect children’s safety, many schools have installed face recognition systems. If the authentication is successful, the police will be notified if the authentication is unsuccessful, and the system will record each recognized image. The pick-up time and photos of the pick-up personnel can be queried. This process largely avoids the possibility of children being abducted.

In which security fields can face recognition be applied

In addition to the above two applications, face recognition technology is also widely used in the construction of community.

For us office workers, it’s a commonplace to race against time. It’s a tragedy if we forget to bring our access control card at the door of the community. Now, with face recognition technology, is it still a matter to forget to bring an access card? Face is the access card we carry.

For the old community, there are characteristics such as high proportion of outsiders and strong mobility. For a long time, outsiders can go in and out at will. The incidence of cases in the community is high and it is difficult to manage. At this time, face recognition technology should play a role. After face recognition access control is enabled, people who have not registered information in the system cannot enter and leave freely, effectively prevent strangers from entering and leaving at will, and further strengthen community safety management.

It can be said that face recognition technology has changed the traditional way of community safety management, making community management more intelligent, humanized and autonomous.

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