In fact, from the second half of 2019, we can clearly feel that there are more and more landing applications of blockchain; Moreover, these landing applications are also very different from the previous small fights, which are basically the collective embrace of large enterprises or large fields.

In particular, since the fourth quarter of 2019, our mainstream media have begun to positively publicize and report blockchain technology, and the national team has repeatedly recognized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial change, emphasizing the need to take blockchain as an important breakthrough in the independent innovation of core technologies and strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, Accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry.

With such strong recognition and promotion, blockchain technology has begun to shine in the mainstream field in just a few months. Uncle Hai is overwhelmed with some. Here, I’d like to briefly sort out and share with you:

In the field of Education – Guangzhou launched trusted education digital ID card

It has to be said that Guangzhou responded promptly and acted quickly in this feast of blockchain technology.

On December 25, Guangzhou’s first trusted education digital identity (education card) is a typical example. Trusted education digital identity (education card) is a blockchain digital identity card, a legally effective trusted digital identity issued to students, teachers and graduates in accordance with national password law, electronic signature law, network security law and other laws and regulations, It is the “education network digital ID card” under the Internet plus environment.

So, what is the use of trusted educational digital identity (education card)? It is a close contact between blockchain technology and education. It makes full use of the characteristics of “credibility” and “right confirmation” of blockchain technology. With it, students can prove their identity on the blockchain and obtain service contents such as system login, online work, learning space and home school interaction wherever they are; Similarly, for the school, it can also more easily carry out regular activities such as educational governance, comprehensive quality evaluation, educational electronic archives and educational precision funding, which will greatly close the relationship between the school and students.

Medical field – Anhui launched “blockchain + e-health card”

Guangzhou aims at the field of education, while Anhui focuses on the field of medical treatment.

A few days ago, Anhui provincial hospital and its medical consortium jointly launched the “electronic health card + blockchain” solution in Anhui to help pilot hospitals share patient medical and health information across regions and institutions safely and efficiently, and provide more convenient conditions for residents’ medical treatment and health management.

Anhui provincial hospital introduced blockchain mainly because it liked the “security” characteristics of blockchain. Electronic health card, as the golden key for health and convenience service application, based on blockchain technology, can help Internet hospitals realize efficient connection of people, data and diagnosis and treatment services, and provide fast and safe information sharing channels for medical institutions, Lay a foundation for the interconnection of medical and health information.

Tax field – electronic invoices are distributed all over the country

In fact, the application of blockchain in the field of electronic invoice can be traced back to a year ago.

At that time, Shenzhen launched the first electronic invoice, which soon became popular across the country. Now, Guangzhou alone has issued more than 270 million invoices through the blockchain. Are you surprised at this data?

Moreover, on December 28, at the Symposium on the application and development of blockchain technology, Zhang Zhiyong, former deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation, said that the characteristics of blockchain technology “credible, verifiable, traceable, low-cost, alliance and embedded” are very suitable for the tax field. The requirements for multi-party cooperation and participation in the modernization of tax management are consistent with the characteristics of blockchain technology, The national tax department has always attached great importance to blockchain invoices. It is expected that blockchain smart contracts can code tax laws, improve certainty for taxpayers and reduce disputes.

Judicial field – blockchain helps the effectiveness of electronic evidence such as “microblog and SMS”

A few days ago, the supreme law supplemented and improved the content of electronic evidence, including microblog, SMS, web page, e-mail, etc. there are many interpretations of this, which naturally can not be bypassed by blockchain technology.

The supreme law itself highly recognizes the blockchain technology. Recently, Changjiang Bixin, vice president of the people’s court, said that it is necessary to accurately grasp the application of electronic data rules, carefully study the impact of blockchain and other new technologies on the investigation, identification and admissibility of evidence, pay close attention to the impact of new information technologies on civil trial work, and strengthen the research on the application of electronic data rules, Actively explore ways and methods to improve the accuracy of case fact finding by using blockchain technology, and constantly improve the capacity and level of civil trial by taking the opportunity of new technological progress.

In fact, recently, blockchain technology has made a lot of penetration and breakthroughs in traditional industries, and education, medical care, taxation and justice are only part of them. If we still doubt the application function of blockchain, we really can’t wake up a sleepy person – of course, for our ordinary investors, Finding the most suitable investment direction in these popular applications is the top priority, and we don’t have much time left

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