Throughout 2019, 5g hot words almost run through the whole year. In this year, domestic science and technology are changing rapidly, 5g business boosts the development of new technology, 5g business makes folding screen mobile phone become a hot topic.

The future is coming, 5g is in sight! In order to meet the arrival of 5g era, scientific and technological innovation companies pay close attention to technology research and development, catch up with the “express” of the development of the times, and 5g high-end folding screen mobile phones with epoch-making significance let people see the light of hope. Under the environment of 5g era, flexible display technology will show explosive growth, which is not only reflected in the intelligent device industry, but also in the fields of display, smart home, intelligent education and so on. Flexible technology will completely change the form of human terminal devices and the way of human life.

How does flexible technology bring innovation significance to new material industry? At present, the most flexible materials on the market are metal mesh, graphene, silver nanowires, carbon nanotubes, etc. graphene and silver nanowires are economic and practical nano flexible materials because of their strong performance advantages, such as good conductivity, bending and stretching resistance, good kneading performance, low square resistance, etc.

In addition, compared with traditional ITO conductive materials, flexible materials can meet the changing needs of consumers. However, due to its own rigidity and brittleness, ITO can not meet the needs of users for flexibility, folding and bending resistance.

In the future, the market of flexible touch conductive film will show explosive growth

In fact, graphene and silver nanowire materials are still in the stage of optimization and improvement. In terms of conductivity, it is expected to surpass the existing ITO electrode materials and be commercialized on a large scale. In recent years, flexible materials have achieved rapid development. The fundamental reason is that folding screen mobile phones have brought revolutionary business opportunities for flexible materials. Graphene and silver nanowires are regarded as the best solutions for flexible screens.

At present, based on graphene and silver nanowires, microcrystalline technology has developed a flexible transparent conductive film, which will be used in flexible touch technology products in the future. Its photoelectric and mechanical properties are superior to the industry level, and can meet the demand of folding screens for many terminal devices. The low square resistance and high ductility of graphene and silver nanowires meet the requirements of the existing touch display products, help terminal devices get rid of the inherent form, realize the folding, bending and curling of the screen, and enrich the performance form of intelligent devices. In the future, touch display products may be small “watches” on the wrist.


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