Artificial intelligence technology has become the hottest topic of this era, and more and more intelligent products have begun to enter our life. As a little J who has always paid attention to electronic products, he has deep feelings. Among them, digital products have attracted extensive attention from consumers, such as popular intelligent audio, VR all-in-one machine, four axis UAV, smart watch, etc. they not only bring convenience to our life, but also represent the development direction of intelligent products in the future.

After several years of innovation and development, the smart speaker has become increasingly perfect at the functional level. Consumers can complete more operations on the smart speaker. At the same time, it continues to evolve and improve at the software level. More and more users’ real voice data will provide a data basis for its evolution, so it will become more and more intelligent. Once you get used to its existence, May be completely inseparable.

In the future, the development of connectors will be more and more precise and miniaturized

In the field of consumer UAVs, users enjoy the top-level image quality experience, bring new fun to aerial photography, and provide creative conditions for more photography or aerial photography lovers. At the same time, it performs well in stability, can adapt to relatively complex flight environment in video shooting, and help users complete diversified aerial shooting tasks.

Walking on the street, children’s smart watches can be seen everywhere. They have two advantages of function and cost performance. They can not only provide safety protection for children, but also take photos, intelligent voice Q & A, voice chat, payment, listening to songs and positioning functions, which are as comprehensive as encyclopedia. With strong practicability and interest, answer questions for children and help children grow up happily.

VR all-in-one machine, a virtual reality head mounted display device with an independent processor, has the functions of independent operation, input and output, no connection constraints, high degree of freedom, makes the effect of classroom, tourism and conference more immersive, and makes consumers really experience the magic of high technology.

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