One day in the future, the language barrier between countries may be eliminated – people just need to speak their own language, and then through voice assistant, they can be converted into words that can be understood by each other in a very short time. In fact, this kind of language instant translation tool is not high-tech, it has been used in many occasions, and many people have heard of it, but it has not been popularized.

In the future, in the convenient information society, intelligent voice assistant can be integrated with Bluetooth headset, hearing aid and other devices, and become a standard configuration in work and life, just like your mobile phone and computer. Not only that, intelligent voice can translate foreign languages, but also local dialects, oral differences, even pronunciation disorders and so on. That is to say, you are no longer afraid of Cantonese, Jiangzhe dialect and poor expression! People with different languages, dialects and speaking habits can communicate smoothly

Furthermore, this intelligent translation tool can even be applied to humans and animals. As early as 2017, it was mentioned that humans and animals can understand each other’s language within ten years! This needs the help of intelligent voice machine, which can better take care of animals and understand their needs.

In the future, real-time speech translation will be popularized, and language barriers will no longer be a problem

You may see such a similar message: Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that by using some big data accumulated, we can already analyze what people want to express in different languages. “Microsoft is preparing to develop a mobile phone with 26 language translations. In the future, you can call here to speak Chinese and click English mode on the mobile phone, What overseas friends hear is the translated English. ” In other words, “you may not have to study a foreign language in the future.”

Intelligent speech translation is a branch of artificial intelligence, which has a high probability of popularization and application. If voice intelligence is really popularized one day, is it necessary for us to study foreign languages hard?

There must be a lot of people raising this question! For most people, the biggest application of learning a foreign language is to facilitate communication. Now that communication barriers have been eliminated, why spend a lot of time learning another language? A friend once said to me: if human beings encounter aliens one day, do they need to spend a lot of time learning alien languages? Why should it be difficult for us to translate other people’s language?

But there may still be many people who are used to language learning. In their view, language is not only a way of communication, but also a way of thinking. When we study any foreign classic, we’d better study it in our native language instead of relying on translation! Moreover, in the process of language learning, people’s thinking starts training – purposeful training, which makes the brain work efficiently. One of our purposes in learning foreign languages is to train our brain, because in the process of learning, we should constantly explore the most suitable learning methods, so that our brain will not stop being trained.

As a matter of fact, language is a tool for human communication. It is not so much necessary to learn as valuable to study. As mentioned above, language embodies the logical thinking mode of a large group! If one day the language barrier is removed, there should be a group of people to study and analyze different languages. Even in the alien language, there should be a large number of scientists and linguists to study the logic and expression inside!


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