Since Ma Yun first proposed the concept of new retail in the cloud habitat conference in 2016, the new retail has spread rapidly in all industries at a wild fire speed, and the medical industry, which has always been on the last bus of the Internet, finally got on board.

In fact, people’s demand for medical services is the same as other commodities. When people need them, they should be able to obtain them in the fastest way. Therefore, the future of medical treatment is bound to move towards new retail.

One day, some part of health care, especially in the middle ground between health and treatment, will become the new retail that is now presented to us.

What is new retail?

New retail is to use data to drive and transform the whole retail supply chain, so as to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and improve the user experience; it has three major characteristics: consumer demand-oriented, retail Duality (physical and digital interaction) and product diversification.

Too abstract?

It doesn’t matter. Let’s take an example.

There is a limited variety of goods in your downstairs buffet, with an area of less than 10 square meters.

One day, the owner decided to apply the new retail, so he cooperated with the fruit shop, vegetable shop and meat shop within 3 kilometers. From then on, you can buy vegetables, fruits and meat from his home by phone, and it’s downstairs, which is very convenient.

The owner decided to go further into the new retail business, so he set up a micro store to cooperate with the clothing store that people often visit within 5 kilometers. From then on, you don’t have to wait for the express delivery for the clothes you like in his micro store. You can go downstairs to complete the whole process of trying on clothes and buying clothes. If you buy many times, he can customize the push information for you according to your search.

Look, it’s still a 10 Ping snack bar. There are not many kinds of goods, but the canteen is no longer what it used to be!

The new retail is just like magic. It turns the humble buffet into the pocket of Dorothy a dream. How is this realized?

Lu Zhibin, an expert in the new retail field of Ali Research Institute, summarized the implementation steps into three levels: front desk, middle stage and back office,

We’re trying to apply this logic to medicine and see what kind of chemistry happens.

  In the future, new medical treatment may move towards new retail

“No interaction, no channel, no data, no channel, no experience, no channel.

”Only by rebuilding the relationship with consumers, generating interaction and data, and bringing experience, can we call new retail. So is new medicine.

What is new medicine?

Relying on the basic medical support in the middle and back office, the new medical system realizes the medical mode of stabilizing long-term doctor-patient relationship, respecting the needs and values of patients, and allowing patients to participate in diagnosis and treatment. Medical big data is interpenetrated throughout the whole process, especially the personal data of patients, which is the most accurate and humanized auxiliary means in the process of medical diagnosis and treatment.

Generally speaking, the differences between the new medical treatment and the existing medical treatment can be analyzed from the following three aspects:

General and specialized medical treatment is convenient, and the whole process of diagnosis and treatment is closed-loop;

The needs and values of patients determine medical treatment;

Big data, information flow, reconstruction of patient relationship.

  In the future, new medical treatment may move towards new retail

Comparison of new and old medical system rules

Medical services are becoming more and more convenient

The convenience of general practice is a good embodiment.

On May 16, 2017, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions of the general office of the State Council on supporting social forces to provide multi-level and diversified medical services, encouraging the development of general practice services and developing high-level general practice clinics run and operated by social forces.

In recent years, the policy has been relaxed, and the general practice seems to become a new direction of medical treatment overnight, with a large amount of capital emerging.

These general practice clinics are roughly divided into six categories:

Category I: high end commercial health insurance

For example, harmony family, VISTAR, Broadway, SOS, global doctors, etc. They mainly do general practice, but they mainly serve insurance customers. More than half of their customers come from insurance. The development scale of this type of general practice is very limited by the coverage of commercial insurance, so it is difficult to do more in the short term.

The second category is the off-line clinic of internet medical service

Since the beginning of 2016, most medical Internet companies are actively seeking transformation. From the beginning of 2017, we began to explore offline clinics. Up to now, there are clove clinic, micro medicine general practice center, almond clinic and Penguin clinic in exploring offline general practice chain clinics.

The third category is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine

Most of them are in counties and villages in cities, which is the largest type of general practice clinics in China, with a total of about 210000.

The fourth category is new general practice

For example, Johnson, zhengguangxing, good doctors from neighboring families, Bohou, Xinmu, Zhongde Kangqiao, and yijiaxin.

The fifth category is TCM Museum

The attribute of traditional Chinese medicine is also a form of general practice. For example, heshuntang, the agricultural side. Heshuntang is a chain of traditional Chinese medicine centers with the largest number of medical centers in China. Nong Ben Fang is from Hong Kong, and it is also the largest chain of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. The core of these two is “medicine”.

The sixth category is social health service station

The social health service station belongs to the national health system. It is generally a satellite service shop of the community medical system. It is basically similar to the general practice clinic, and the doctors in it are all general practitioners.

To a large extent, it also enriches medical resources. Residents can choose the appropriate medical institutions according to their own income and preference.

Public hospitals and social hospitals form a medical closed loop

These medical services, whether public or social, can be integrated into the service system of basic medical care, specialist diagnosis and treatment, and the three hospitals, which we often call the medical consortium, can not only meet the diversified choices of patients, but also form a complete medical closed loop.

A complete medical system can well divert patients to the corresponding medical institutions, reduce the burden of tertiary hospitals, and at the same time, let patients get higher quality medical services in time,

Patients can choose their trusted doctors more easily according to their own will, and establish a long-term doctor-patient relationship.

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