As we all know, in recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, it has also greatly promoted the development of science and technology; In China, there are many technology Internet giants, such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent and so on. In fact, in addition to these internet giants, there is also a giant enterprise in the domestic UAV field, which is Dajiang UAV!

In the future, Jifei technology and Dajiang will start the Chinese UAV brand together

After so many years of development, in the global UAV field, China’s Xinjiang has become a well deserved civil UAV giant enterprise; Many professional aerial photography are using Dajiang UAV, in addition to the domestic market, Dajiang UAV is very popular, in the foreign market, Dajiang UAV is also favored by many consumers, even the U.S. market with highly developed technology is also inseparable from Dajiang UAV; we have to say that the strength of Dajiang UAV is still very strong!

Although Dajiang has developed very well in the field of civil and aerial UAV, in the field of agricultural plant protection UAV, Dajiang has lost to another giant enterprise, which is Jifei technology, a new giant in China’s UAV field; Different from Dajiang UAV, the UAV developed by Jifei technology focuses on the development of agricultural plant protection field. It can be said that Jifei technology has perfectly opened up another road in the field of UAV and formed a complementary relationship with Dajiang UAV!

The agricultural plant protection UAV of geefy technology is not simply hardware, but has developed a series of agricultural service systems, including spraying system, operation background, and exclusive pharmaceutical products. Combined with the advantages of UAV, geefy technology has also developed in full swing in the field of agriculture; Moreover, through continuous development, Jifei technology has also brought UAV, robot, automatic driving, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies into the development of agricultural production, which has greatly promoted the development of smart agricultural ecology in China!

It is reported that the UAV developed by Jifei also has many unique innovations in the whole UAV field. In addition to focusing on the agricultural field, Jifei technology has installed SIM cards on all UAVs for the sake of safety. After the operators register their real names, they can contact and dock to the cloud platform at any time, which greatly ensures the cooperation between the agricultural plant protection UAV and the cloud platform Therefore, Jifei technology also obtained the first cloud license of agricultural UAV issued by CAAC. With the rapid development of Jifei technology in the agricultural field, it has also obtained 1.2 billion yuan of financing; at present, one third of the 36 million mu of cotton land in Xinjiang, about 12 million mu, has been maintained by Jifei’s plant protection UAV products!

China has always been a big agricultural country, and people familiar with the development of agricultural field all know that doing agricultural work is actually a very hard thing. In order to meet the needs of the development of the new era, after combining the agricultural field with cutting-edge technology, our agricultural production efficiency will be greatly improved, which will also help to promote social development, so Jifei can use UAV The rapid rise of the field, after continuous expansion, Jifei technology’s annual revenue has exceeded 1 billion, in the future, it will start the brand of Chinese UAV together with Dajiang UAV,.

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