As we all know, the simulation industry has many typical characteristics, such as a variety of products, a wide range of applications, long product life, scattered customers, high technical threshold, weak industry cycle, etc., which is a very high-quality track in the semiconductor field. In 2018, the domestic analog chip market exceeded 220 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the global market. However, at present, the global analog chip market is basically occupied by European and American companies, and the proportion of domestic enterprises is very small.

In the context of the Sino US trade war, chip self-control is particularly important. As outstanding terminal manufacturers are listed in the entity list, domestic manufacturers begin to pay attention to the security of the supply chain, and increase the procurement efforts for domestic IC manufacturers. Benefiting from the upsurge of domestic substitution, domestic analog chip suppliers have ushered in excellent development opportunities.

Shanghai chuantu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “chuantu microelectronics”) held the “new simulation, new isolation – High End IC design technology exchange meeting” in Shenzhen. At the meeting, Dr. Chen Dongpo, general manager of chuantu microelectronics, said that chuantu microelectronics had achieved more than three times of revenue growth from 2017 to 2018, and had entered the profit cycle. It is expected that it will still achieve 2-3 times of high-speed growth in 2019 and 2020. It is planned that by 2022, the company will achieve an operating revenue of 500 million yuan and expand its product models to more than 500 types.

It is understood that chuantu microelectronics was founded in May 2016, the company’s main high-end analog chip R & D design and sales services. At present, we have mass-produced special RF chip product line and isolator chip product line for satellite navigation, and have been commercialized in industrial application, power system, emergency rescue, high-precision navigation and other fields. As an IC design enterprise, it has entered the profit cycle in just three years, which is obviously inseparable from the technological innovation and strategic choice of Sichuan microelectronics.

In the future, IDM will be the inevitable path of analog chip development

For the company’s product selection direction, Dr. Chen Dongpo said that chuantu microelectronics mainly makes “high-end” analog chips. At the same time, Dr. Chen Dongpo explained that the “high-end” here does not only refer to “high-end”, but also means that the competition for this chip is not very fierce at present. The main players are European and American manufacturers, the price war is not obvious, and the technical content and technical barriers are high.

Therefore, when choosing the track, Sichuan microelectronics also avoids the field of consumer electronics, which has an advantage in the shipment volume, and chooses industries, power systems, high-precision navigation and other fields. Dr. Chen Dongpo said that not involving consumer electronics is the company’s strategic choice. Although the consumption of industrial customers is not as large as that of consumer electronics, the stable customers can also ensure the healthy development of the company. Radio frequency chip for satellite navigation is the main product of Sichuan microelectronics, which occupies more than 60% of the market in the field of maritime and fishery.

According to the introduction, ca-rf1xxx is a full mode, full frequency point RF chip series for satellite navigation, covering all the frequency bands of BDS (Beidou), GPS, GLONASS and Galileo systems. This series of chips has the most complete coverage and the most convenient integrated application in China. It has the characteristics of high integration, stability and ease of use, strong anti-interference and low power consumption. It has been successfully applied in the fields of large-scale navigation and maritime rescue.

At the end of 2016, chuantu microelectronics began to develop isolator chips. Up to now, chuantu microelectronics has more than 100 kinds of material numbers in isolators, and its shipment volume is in KK level. It is the fastest local manufacturer to launch new products.

According to the introduction, ca-is3xxx isolator product line is a chip product line based on SiO2 capacitance isolation technology, which has been mass produced: three levels of digital isolators, meter specific digital isolators, isolated RS485 / 422 transceivers and isolated can bus transceivers. Compared with T company, a company and s company, the products can achieve high-quality import substitution, and launch five series of isolator product groups: digital isolation series, analog isolation series, interface isolation series, power isolation series and drive isolation series. The product series has the industry’s first-class isolation characteristics, stable and durable, high reliability, and has been batch applied by more than 100 industrial customers.

At the meeting, Dr. Chen Dongpo said that chuantu Microelectronics will soon launch a series of Digital Isolators integrated with DCDC, which are characterized by isolated power supply + multi-channel signal isolation, 48% conversion efficiency of 5kvrms withstand voltage, unilateral power supply wide body SOP16 package, and only two decoupling capacitors for integrated transformer. At present, driven by 5g, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, consumer electronics and other fields, the market demand for analog chips, COMS, Bluetooth chips is strong, and wafer foundry, packaging and testing manufacturers at home and abroad are full.

More than 100 million yuan has been invested in the design and construction of SMC and dbtsh with more than 100 million yuan per year. In the future, Sichuan microelectronics plans to jointly contract an 8-inch wafer manufacturing line with other domestic analog manufacturers, and build a package test line with partners, with a design capacity of 400 million pieces / year.

As a highly capital and technology intensive industry, the semiconductor industry is now more and more specialized, which is different from the development mode of Sichuan microelectronics. Dr. Chen Dongpo pointed out that I personally think IDM is the inevitable path of analog chips, and controllable manufacturing and process improvement are the premise of analog chip differentiation. Other analog chip companies of our size have similar needs. I think there are many forms to explore in the future.

On the impact of the Sino US trade war on simulation manufacturers, Dr. Chen Dongpo said that the trade war mainly accelerated the pace of import substitution, accelerated the process of factory audit and test verification of customers, and the key is to do a good job in product quality.


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